EPISD Releases Statement on Web Site Hacking to Parents, Students, Staff

EPISD Releases Statement on Web Site Hacking to Parents, Students, Staff

POSTED: Wednesday, August 31, 2011 - 7:28pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, December 17, 2014 - 2:06pm

EL PASO-- The information of hundreds of students could now be in the wrong hands after an online hack group has said they hacked into the El Paso Independent School District's database and took important information.

EPISD released this statement addressing students, parents and faculty about the incident.

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Dear Employees, Parents, and Students:

We regret to inform you that the Internal Network (myepisd.org) at the El Paso Independent School District (EPISD) has been infiltrated by an unknown entity (hacked). This infiltration has resulted in the illegal access to teacher and student information by the hacker(s), which is information that includes names, birthdates, addresses, and social security numbers.

We are working diligently to identify how this occurred; however, we believe it is imperative that we communicate this information as soon as possible to you so that you are able to take immediate action to protect your personal information and accounts, both current and future. Please refer immediately to the following websites: www.ftc.gov/idtheft or www.fightidentitytheft.com. These sites will provide you with the immediate steps you can take to protect your identity, which include fraud alerts and a credit freeze.

We immediately alerted the FBI’s Infragard Division to report the breach and will continue to provide you with updated information regarding this situation. We are taking this breach extremely seriously and will continue to take all possible action to address this issue.

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Any entity is bound by law to protect your info from internal/external threats.The fact remains your kids are victims of identity theft.Imagine if this was a major business like a bank you wouldn't hesitate to sue them.

They should do the right thing and pay for all those affected with a undeclosed time frame of free cedit/identity theft services to make sure no-student is impacted by this.

Secondly a mandatory review of security policies and equipment is in place.

I have done some research on the hackers and determined that the hacker is known as h0st_bust0rz. I believe it is a crew of hackers, From what I know they have an association with lulzsec which is a pretty famous group of mediocre hackers. The way that the information was stolen was by SQL injection, They stole all of the databases from the website and incredibly whoever was the idiot that made the website had actually put all of the student information that was gathered through the registration

It was reported EPISD knew the system was at risk quite a long time ago. I have two children in high school who will be looking for work next summer and now I'm having to freeze their credit files with all 3 of the credit bureaus which comes out to $60. As a single mom, $60 isn't spent lightly on anything! I doubt the district will reimburse parents who have to do this.

You can do it for free. If you go to the website of each credit bureaus it tells you what you need to know.

Its only free if you have a police report. EPPD will not file a police report unless you have actually been a victim of ID theft. I tried this morning.

Parents, it is up to you to show your absolute outrage and hold the EPISD responsible for the data compromise that has resulted in your children's private information being exposed. Keep in mind the types of protected information that the district has about you and your child. We are talking SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBERS, grade information, possibly medical records such as vaccination history, and other confidential information all of which is covered under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Ac

While I am generally opposed to lawsuit happy individuals, I think that is what it is going to take to get EPISD, as well as the rest of these organizations that we entrust with our personal information and our children's personal information, and they FAIL miserably. If this causes me or my student's compromised information any repercussions, be advised, I will file a class action lawsuit!!!

this is just wrong. i had my ssn stolen and i remember when i was in high school my school had to ask me for my card to verify and comform it was me. the other person that was trying to use my number wsa illegal. nice right. i bet someone in episd knew about the files and was selling infomation.

Shame on the EPISD,here we protect our identity and our kids and EPISD just left the door open and all the personal information has been hacked.
It is upsetting that this was known since Monday and we are hearing about it now.I recieved recorded phone call at 9:00p.m.
Why weren't we informed earlier.I will have to get a second job to be able to afford the antithieft product


Meet the new leadership...same as the old leadership. Overpaid and incompetent! Please let the state take over the district. El Paso is incapable of self rule.

Why did they not take it seriously before and take the necessary steps to prevent it? And these dummies are teaching our children. Scary.

the ones teaching your children are the same ones who had THEIR identity stolen as well. don't blame the teachers. they had NOTHING to do with this or ANYTHING else happening at central office. They hear it when you do

It wasn't the teachers who compromised the information. Teachers info was compromised too... Teachers havent had their annual raises in 3 years... Cut the teachers some slack.

The people who are in charge of the information database are not the people teaching your children. There are many excellent teachers in this and other El Paso districts. Why must teachers be blamed for every issue that comes up?

what are we supose to do know file a complaint
i am worried about this

Probably just trying to cover up something about the Garcia case. Nothing would surprise me.

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