EPISD Offers Transparency

EPISD Offers Transparency

POSTED: Tuesday, August 14, 2012 - 10:39pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, August 15, 2012 - 4:07pm

EL PASO - Four hours, that's how long the El Paso Independent School District Board met with concerned parents tonight to discuss the District's problems with transparency. 
The board says they're trying to make things right, after public corruption charges against former Superintendent Lorenzo Garcia and several other EPISD employees.  Not everyone is satisfied with their efforts.
In the meeting, they laid out board policies when it comes to transparency, which is what members of the public are calling for.
The board talked about prohibited practices like bribery, illegal gifts and nepotism. Their priorities include disclosures when it comes to conflicts of interest and gifts or money valued at $250 or more.
City Representative Susie Byrd, who founded the organiztion "Kids First",  addressed the board and demanded further action.
"I am distinctly disatisfied," Susie Byrd said. "What we really asked them, not just me but many people in the community is we want the board to take action and I think really what they meant to do today was to show that there's things going on but they're not the things that would really help us as a community feel comfortable".
Byrd is calling for trustees or anyone involved in illegal or unethical conduct, including the TAKS test cheating scandal, to resign.
The board says they've put measures into place that will allow anyone who knows about an ethics violation to call or email anonymously.


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The EPISD Board and administration knew waht Garcia was doing and they did nothing to stop it so in my opinion, & a lot of people I know agree, the Board and administration need to resign. They talk about transparency but prove otherwise. The Board President is one big joke along with the Interim Superintendent.These folks do not know how to lead a school district, they put themselves first instead of the children & this community. The board & Jordan are making El Paso the joke of the country.

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