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EPISD moves forward with superintendent search and response to TEA

Tuesday, August 28, 2012 - 10:26pm

EPISD is moving forward with their search for a superintendent.
The meeting started on a positive note when Interim Superintendent Terri Jordan said the top priority for the school district is getting back on track and to focus on the students' learning.

A major part of Tuesday's meeting was discussion on how EPISD is to move forward and regain the community's trust in searching for a new superintendent. Hiring a consulting firm is an option that is getting a lot of feedback. The board eventually decided to draft a proposal request that would require all interested firms to list the history of superintendents they've placed, where and their tenure.

One long-time parent in the district voiced his concern during public forum.

" When is the transparency and accountability gonna start working because it sure ain't working. I don't know why you guys are spending money to go look for a superintendent just like I told you last time, we don't want you people to pick our superintendent. We want our people to pick our superintendent, the teachers, PTA members, the parents,” said Gary Gonzalez.

Another item getting a lot of attention is the district's response to the TEA. Now with Judy Castleberry overseeing the district on behalf of the agency, the board seemed optimistic, but during public forum a few people stood up to say hiring another agency is a waste of money.

"Why do we need to hire an outside agency, use tax payers money to do that, to find structural defects here when we know what the structural defect is? Employees afraid to speak out. If people don't know how to their jobs here and need that outside help then why even have them doing those jobs," said Franklin High School teacher Tom Davis.

Davis said that in the past he went to the board about his issues with Dr. Garcia and nothing was done.Castleberry will be attending the board meetings on a monthly basis and reporting back to the TEA.

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