EPISD Monitor Works to Get the District Back on Track

Tuesday, August 28, 2012 - 10:12pm

The El Paso Independent School District remains on probation. The Texas Education Agency made the decision earlier this month citing data integrity and corruption issues. If the district fails to make major changes, El Paso schools will lose their accreditation. Judy Castleberry is the woman charged with making sure that doesn't happen. She will advise the district on how to proceed and will monitor that EPISD officials respond to TEA requests in timely manner. However, the state appointed monitor cautions that process could take years.

"We all want this to move quickly and I know parents want confidence rebuilt quickly in the school district and we want it to move fast, whether that's a one year process or a two year process i don't know, but i can assure you we are moving fast," said Castleberry.

Castleberry says its rare for a district to be placed on probation. It's even more rare for a school to lose its accreditation status, although it has happened before.

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