EPISD, FBI Speak About Database Hacking

EPISD, FBI Speak About Database Hacking

POSTED: Thursday, September 1, 2011 - 5:04pm

UPDATED: Thursday, September 1, 2011 - 6:14pm

EAST EL PASO- El Paso Independent School District’s officials, as well as the FBI told the public on Thursday afternoon that everyone involved in the district has had their information stolen.

Interim Superintendent Terri Jordan said that all current employees and students have had their home addresses, birthdates, phone numbers, and social security numbers breached. Information for some parents have also been stolen, however their social security numbers were never in the system.

EPISD claims no information had been taken from past students.

The district was made aware that their online data system had been breached, after an online monitoring company in New York City discovered the hack. The district admits the information was not encrypted.

Jordan also said there is no evidence that the hacker was able to access payroll or health benefit information.

EPISD Chief Technical Officer, Steven Styles said that they have figured out exactly how the hackers accessed the information, however would not elaborate.

The FBI said that they have had agents working around the clock attempting to find those responsible for the security breach.

EPISD said that they use students’ social security numbers to identify them because that is what is required of them by The Texas Education Association.


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I think I was too hard on Mr. Stiles in my previous comment. He probably had more important matters to attend to, like planning where he was going to eat lunch; or his summer vacation; or the next seminar on computer security located next to a golf course. After-all who wants to listen to all of that technical garbage when you can play a few holes at the taxpayer's expense.

By the time they catch these guys, they will have sold the information many times, including information on my son and daughter that could cause them irreparable harm.
Talk about shutting the barn door after the horse got out.

Encrypting information is the most basic of protection that any organization can do to protect identity theft. Someone needs to get fired for this unacceptable and avoidable breach. Shame on you EPISD!!! THIS SCHOOL DISTRICT IS TOTALLY INEPT!!!!!!

Mr. Stiles should resign or be fired. This could have easily been prevented. He's just one more overpaid do-nothing in EPISD's dysfunctional family.

I can't even comment on Jordan's comment. It is just plain stupid. "Oh look, some burglars broke into our house and took all of our expensive jewelry and sterling silverware but thank God they didn't take our Tupperware!

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