EPISD Cuts Special Need Instructors


POSTED: Friday, July 23, 2010 - 7:26pm

UPDATED: Thursday, August 5, 2010 - 11:21am

El Paso - Budget cuts in the El Paso School District are hitting teachers hard, especially the ones who help special needs students.  Now, the El Paso federation of teachers is up in arms.

When the school year begins next month, EPISD special education and instructional coaches will see their pay and their time in classroom cut.  This is distressing news for Lucy Clarke, the director of the El Paso federation of teachers because she feels the education of some students will suffer.  Clarke argues EPISD teachers will have to find a way to give students the best education possible despite the district's money woes. 

"Teachers will step up because that is what teachers do. It's one of the things that make teachers, teachers. their willingness to step up and help their students," says Clarke.

NewsChannel 9 contacted El Paso leaders Friday and they insisted parents and kids shouldn't worry because the cuts will not have an effect on the students or classroom instruction. 

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I too am distrubed at the nation of making cuts in special eduation instruction. However, Ms. Clarke should shut up and go home. EPISD staff and voters were all forewarned that there would be cuts if the Tax Ratification Election (TRE) did not pass last month. Ms. Clake and here misguided Federation chose not to suppport the TRE out of pure spite. And the rest of you who voted against it have absolutely no right to complain. The chickens are now coming home to roost.

Who says those of us complaining voted against it?

What happened to the money that they claim they will be saving due to Houston closing?

It will affect students and classroom instruction-for special education students. Teachers are overworked enough in all fields as it is by trying to teach students the curriculum that they need plus passing the TAKS test. The TAKS is even more challenging for Special Ed. due to they need to master regular curriculum first. Special Ed. teachers are very dedicated but a cut in classroom time will mean the students will pay a huge price. Balancing the budget in this fashion is a huge mistake.

Teachers of all crafts should be protected and not laid off. Managers should be laid off to meet budget shortfalls. The building of track fields like in Chapin High School should cease so money could be spent on teaching.

Teaching much like fireman, and policeman should be also protected.

Reduce the budget by reducing the administrators and physical fitness expenses.

EPISD has way too many admin at the top that do not earn the money they get just to name a few,
Terri Jordan, Mr. Anderson, P Terrazas, between all on them the district could save half a million no but instead they cut the poor teachers job, look into this aspect!!

I also cannot fathom why EPISD would choose to cut sped teachers considering their district gets in trouble often for not following Federal guidelines with regards to Special Education! It's also not surprising that they are having funding issues when they try to push students with special needs out of special education and put them under Section 504 of the American with Disabilities Act!! Slim funding under 504! However, don't need a SPED teacher under 504!! Hmmm I see a correlation here!!

Well said.

I'm trying to figure out why EPISD is being allowed to get away with this nonsense!! Cutting Special Ed. teachers!!! How absurd! It's bad enough that Special Ed. teachers are treated poorly by administration and other teachers and now lets add insult to injury! Does EPISD plan on having general ed. teachers add additional certification so that they are qualified to teach students with special needs in order to pick up the slack? Need a sped certificate to teach sped!!!! PERIOD!

That's crazy! How can cutting Special Education staff NOT have an effect on the students and classroom instruction. The teachers will step up, but without the knowledge/training of special education that the instructional coaches have they will be sinking or swimming along with their students. They need SUPPORT not added the responsibility of things they have not been not been trained on. A lot of "on the edge" students will likely suffer for this decision.

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