EPISD Board Places Superintendent Garcia on Unpaid Leave


POSTED: Thursday, August 4, 2011 - 8:31pm

UPDATED: Saturday, August 6, 2011 - 7:50pm

EL PASO - After a four hour meeting, the EPISD Board of Trustees agreed to place Superintendent Lorenzo Garcia on unpaid leave pending the outcome of his legal proceedings.

The FBI arrested Garcia on suspicion of fraud and theft earlier this week.

He is accused of inflating a contract approved by the 2006 school board and of pocketing the profit.

Garcia denies the charges and through his lawyer said he will fight the charges vigorously.


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EPISD needs a good house cleaning. Garcia is not the only one who needs to go.

If i get a speeding ticket, does that mean i cant drive my 18 wheeler till it gets paid? How could i pay for it if i dont work? I know that he has a high up position and all but who is going to pay the bills for his family when he is in prison?

I dont think he was being cocky by showing up to work the time he was scheduled. Last i knew a man was innocent till proven guilty or is that law corrupt to? If we cant stop corruption on the local level how can we stop it in washington?

This is a great decision, and step forward in the Justice System for El Paso and EPISD. Garcia has dodged the legislative punishment before when he physically assaulted a female employee in May 2009 but escaped but escaped punishment via shady inter-political connections. Maybe now, finally the truth can come out and the guilty can be exposed.

The board should have known something prior to all of this coming to light. All this mean is that the board members are not doing their job.

Or that they are part of it

where has the board been all this time ?

Good step in the right direction, now if we could get rid of the entire Board, we could reinstill Faith and Trust in EPISD for the future.

How does it feel now dude? You treated people like you were the King... not a servant, and now it comes back to bite you! Have a nice retirement without a paycheck!

finally something good from all this mess. The Board should deposit this money into something that will benefit EPISD students. Garcia, should resign and leave El Paso, TX. He can deny everything but we all know he is guilty and even if he is not he has ruin his reputation. He will never be able to have respect from students and faculty. He should start typing his resignation letter.

This board hired this guy knowing he came to ELP with a cloud over his head, he has had raises and contacts extended. His private life is in shambles. He does not care about his own kids what makes you think he cares about the student.He is no example for our kids.The board knows the whole sordid story as does the mediaa. HE SHOULD BE FIRED! The board should be replaced for ever hiring him and the next super better be vetted.We need to hire local.

umm hello where have you been...your an idiot this board did not hire him he was hired in 2006 and most of the board didn't come in until 2009..so no they shouldn't be replaced..

thats a good move..

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