EPISD Asks for More Money

EPISD Asks for More Money

POSTED: Wednesday, March 24, 2010 - 10:20am

UPDATED: Tuesday, March 30, 2010 - 11:26pm

El Paso - EPISD parents are being asked to raise their own taxes.

School leaders will hold a town hall on the issue at 6pm tonight at Franklin High School.

Homeowners are being asked to approved a tax hike of about $130 per year.

The EPISD would use the money to offset the rising cost of education.

The town hall tonight is the first of several scheduled on the proposed tax hike.

The EPISD is also holding the following town halls on the issue:

Tonight      Franklin High School      6pm
March 30   Irvin High School             6pm
April 7        Andress High School     6pm
April 8        El Paso High School      6pm
April 12     Coronado High School  6pm
April 14     Burges High School       6pm
April 19     Bowie High School         6pm
April 20     Jefferson/Silva H.S.         6pm
April 21     Austin High School         6pm
April 22     Chapin High School       6pm

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As though health care reform wasn't enough, Congress wants to vamp up education funding also. Granted, student loans are a terrible debt trap that you can't even discharge in bankruptcy. The student loan bill was a rider on the health care bill, and it passed with it. A lot of grads end up needing payday loans to keep up on student loan payments as it is, and thinking about the efficacy of No Child Left Behind.

They should start verifying citizenship status of the students in order to get rid of all the illegals using our schools to get a free education. Getting rid of these illegal students would lower costs and bring a much needed break to our overworked teachers.
I really irks me when I see Cadillac Escalades with Mexican plates dropping off children at our schools...

Let them educate their own! It is time to end the free ride...

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