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EPE offers cleaning tips to save on bills

EPE offers cleaning tips to save on bills
Monday, April 1, 2013 - 5:01pm

El Paso Electric offered some tips to help residents save energy dollars while getting some spring cleaning done.

When cleaning windows check to see if they're in good condition and if air can escape. They should repair them or replace them with engergy efficient models.

Cleaning or replacing the air conditioner system's filter is also suggested. Programming the unit to 78 degrees when someone is home and 85 when the house is vacant also can help save.

Cleaning dust from under and in behind the refrigerator can cause the refrigerator to run less efficiently. Dusting or wipe light bulbs and lamp shades provides more light for the money.

While washing clothes EPE suggests adusting the water level to match the load size, and using cold water whenever possible.

Using the dryer's moisture sensor option that automatically shuts off the machine when the clothes are dry, and clean the lint filter before every load also helps.

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