EPCC hosts active shooter presentation

EPCC hosts active shooter presentation

POSTED: Friday, February 1, 2013 - 6:48pm

UPDATED: Friday, February 1, 2013 - 6:49pm

El Paso Community College held an active shooter presentation on Friday to provide faculty and staff with basic information on how to stay safe if there is ever a shooter on any of the EPCC campuses.

Police Chief Jose Ramirez shared the "Run, Hide, Fight" video that law enforcement agencies across the United States have been using because he said that incidents like the mass shooting in Newtown, CT have been occurring more frequently.

The training included expert tips on exactly what to do.

"Run and leave the area," said Ramirez, then added, "The second option is to actually hide. Seek a place where we are secure.  And as a last resort, then defend yourself. Fight with as much power as possible, and with anything that is available that you can use as a weapon," said Ramirez.

Just as the "Run, Hide, Fight" video is traveling from state to state in the wake of the Sandy Hook shooting, so is the argument for allowing guns on college campuses.

A member of the audience brought up the issue in the question and answer session after the presentation. "Should we not look at allowing, officially allowing, people to carry concealed weapons on our campuses, and our administration building?"

Chief Ramirez does not think allowing concealed weapons on campus is the solution.

"As a law-enforcement officer, I like to be the only one with a weapon in the room," said Ramirez.

Francisco Muñoz, an accountant at El Paso Community College disagrees.

"If everybody else is carrying weapons, it could help. If the shooter comes in, you could probably help the policemen, or defend yourself or defend others," said Muñoz.

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