Entire News Conference on Police Firing


POSTED: Friday, December 3, 2010 - 1:24pm

UPDATED: Saturday, December 11, 2010 - 6:38pm

EL PASO - Police Chief Greg Allen held a news conference late this morning to explain the firing of Sergeant Miguel Lucero on suspicion of having an inappropriate relationship with a high school girl.

Click on the video for the entire news conference by Chief Allen.

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Officer Cena, have a great Xmas, keep your anger in check and "try not to abuse the citizens" for the following year.

Cena, (and I capatilazid your neme) You seem like a very upset and violent individual. God forbid you are in any way shape or form in law enforcement. If you are, I recommend you to take advantage of the availavle ANGER MANAGEMENT courses, so as to not endanger yourself or the general public. this is copied to all city reps

I have faith that Chief Allen will do what's necessary to bring back honor to his (our) police department and to those who wear the badge. I would imagine that many of our "finest" can't quite hold their heads up high and be proud to represent. Yes, I know not everyone contributes to the recklessness that tends to bring down organizations but we do have our share. To those with integrity, and who embrace the El Paso Police Department Core Values I encourage you to be strong, this too shall pass.

Now if he only would fess up to all the rest of the shenanigans his clown troopers have been doing, and address them, then we are headed in the right direction. A baby step towards fixing a real problem, but a step in the right direction nontheless.

are you extremely happy now payaso aroland7?? finally a current story that is affecting the police department right? well you should have gotten off by now with this story so i am very happy for you!! merry christmas payaso7!! lol i know that your not working and probably violating the unemployment system as we speak but if you were working.... you would understand that every corner of the working world has bad apples dummy so grow up and stop trying to be the "Chief" of el paso ok? thank you :)

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