Enroll El Paso launches initiative to help people navigate Affordable Care Act

Enroll El Paso launches initiative to help people navigate Affordable Care Act

POSTED: Friday, September 27, 2013 - 4:17pm

UPDATED: Friday, September 27, 2013 - 4:19pm

In just four days, access to healthcare in America will change. The Affordable Care Act, another part of Obamacare, is meant to give everyone the opportunity to get affordable healthcare.

"Particularly for the Latino community here in El Paso that has the highest numbers of uninsured to obtain health insurance," said Senator Jose Rodriguez.

For Ray Gerardo, relief is on the way. He said that up until now he couldn't afford health insurance.

"A truck driver goes out for food, buys food on the road. Buys food for his family, pays the mortgage and it comes out to be expensive," said Gerardo.

Mayra Alvarez with the Department of Health and Human Services says the Hispanic population faces health challenges that require better access to treatment.

"We disproportionately suffer from chronic diseases that are frankly preventable if you catch them early," said Alvarez.

She says Hispanics make up a quarter of all uninsured Americans.

"It's often not because they don't want it, its because its expensive, or confusing to apply, or they tried to before and have been turned away."

With three kids, Gerardo says healthcare has been a constant worry.

"Where am I gonna take them? Who's gonna accept them? Do I just take them to the clinic around the corner and hope for the best," said Gerardo.

With Friday's launch of Enroll El Paso, Gerardo will purchase health insurance that will fit into his budget.

"Affordable. You can shop around and see what you can afford,"said Gerardo.

In Texas, people will have 43 healthcare providers to choose from, keeping the costs down.

"It's new competition, competing for our business as consumers. We're giving consumers a better deal," said Alvarez.

Enrollment for the new insurance marketplace begins October 1st and ends March 14th.

For help purchasing health insurance visit Enroll El Paso.

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