Emotional Accupuncture Practitioner Say Technique Can Help With A Number Of Issues


POSTED: Tuesday, August 30, 2011 - 2:34pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, August 30, 2011 - 7:07pm

LAS CRUCES- Imagine being able to turn your life around within a few minutes; being able to let go of anger, fear, guilt and even physical ailments.  A Las Cruces doctor says that and much more can be achieved through emotional acupuncture.

Dr. Rossanna Massey is using the "Emotional Freedom Technique" or EFT on Roze Delgado.  "What EFT does is, it stimulates the subtle energies within the body. The ancient Chinese called them Meridians. By manually stimulating them with your fingertips, it's emotional acupuncture. We don't use needles. We use manual stimulation," said Dr. Massey.

Tapping into the meridians or pressure points in the body, EFT helps people let go of negative experiences and emotions and be at peace. Dr. Massey is the only advanced certified EFT practitioner in New Mexico and West Texas. Within six minutes, she helps Roze get over her fear of the camera and deal with a past issue.

"Sometimes we have all these issues carrying around with ourselves and that blocks us from advancing," said Roze.

Dr. Massey, who's been an EFT practitioner for six years, has treated thousands of patients and she says EFT can help people deal with a number of issues.  "Anything from anger to guilt to exaggerated grief, performance empowerment, self-esteem issues, phobias," said Dr. Massey.

Dr. Massey says emotional problems and trauma affect the physical body and she says EFT can help with that as well.

"I had back pain and she helped me with that and my went away right then and there," said Roze.

Dr. Massey said EFT has many advantages over medication.  "There are no negative side effects and the effects last forever," said Dr. Massey.

"It’s easy. You don't have to believe in it. You don't have to have faith in it, like so many other stuff that's out there," said Roze.

Oralia Ortega gave EFT a try. She said, “I was very tired and at the same time, stressed out. By the time Dr. Massey finished her technique I was wide awake and relaxed.”

Dr. Massey says she's excited to bring this emotional healing practice to the Borderland.

"It's a new paradigm and shift in a way of, you think about health care and it could save some people a lot of money and some people a lot of time getting down to the core of their issue," said Dr. Massey.

Dr. Massey will have a free introductory lesson open to the public to explain EFT. The introductory lesson takes place at 1210 Montana this coming Thursday from 6:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.

The next workshop takes place on September 10th.  For more information visit www.efthelp.com.

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