Elementary School to Add Chinese Language Program


POSTED: Tuesday, July 20, 2010 - 9:28am

UPDATED: Thursday, August 12, 2010 - 10:35am

A school in the Ysleta Independent School District is adding a language program in the next academic year. Eastwood Knolls will now be teaching students Mandarin Chinese and will continue to develop the program over the next three years.

Starting in August of this year, the school will be adding the Chinese program to its dual-language Spanish-English program for kindergarten through sixth grade. New students will study all three languages, although existing students in the monolingual English program can continue the next academic year with no changes to their classes.

The school's name is also changing to Eastwood Knolls International School of Choice. The school hired one teacher to instruct the courses in Chinese, and is considering adding programs in German and Japanese as well.

There is a community meeting Tuesday evening at 6 for parents and students interested in the program.

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Outstanding! I commend this school for taking such a great initiative. I graduated from Parkland H.S in NE EP, I currently live in Dalian, China I'm here on a two year work assignment. I am now learning Mandarin, I only wish I had the opportunity when I was a child. China is the way to go, Mandarin is the future! Americans need to catch up to the world and learn more than English/Spanish!!! Let's teach our children there is a world outside of our 50 states and the world is catching up quick!

Can't these school officials just teach English and teach it correctly before messing around with other languages? I can understand maybe, Spanish because of the location, but Chinese? Oh! I forgot. We are indebted to the Chinese for Trillions. They could own us very soon and they will need bill collectors that understand their language.

Alot of other countries like japan, lebanon, germany require its education of a foreign language to go from the start till you graduate h.s. Currently only 2yrs of a foreign language is required to graduate H.S. in the U.S. What do you really learn in those two years but hi and bye and maybe a few selective words.

But kudos in doing this. It is proven that children can learn faster and better a different language when they are young. I just think the language choice is a tad off.

It there a need for Chinese in Elem. School in the El Paso area. How much is this costing? I think the time could be better spent on math,science and social studies.

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