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NBC NEWS: Obama Re-elected as President

Barack Obama will be re-elected as president of the United States, NBC News projects. He will win the critical swing state of Ohio, putting him over the 270 electoral votes needed to secure the White House, NBC projects.

Decision 2012: Unofficial Election Results

Results Index 1. President 2. U.S. Senator (Texas)

NC9 Decision 2012: Your Resource for Continuous Election Coverage

News Channel 9 is committed to providing up-to-the-minute, accurate coverage of the 2012 Election by providing multiple resources from a local, regional and national standpoint. 

County Commissioner Precinct 3 Race

El Paso- There are two seats are up for grabs on the El Paso County Commissioners' Court Precinct 3.

County Commissioner Precinct 1 Race

EL PASO- Two seats are up for grabs on the County Commissioners' Court Precinct 1.

Decision 2012: Polling Locations Open Through 7 p.m.

El Pasoans apparently haven't been inspired to go to the polls this year, at least compared to the last presidential election. More than 96,000 people in the county voted early this election. Most turned out last Friday.

What's on the Ballot: Proposition 1

Voters next week will be asked to approve several Quality of Life bonds in El Paso. All this week on Newschannel 9 we'll be taking a closer look at the issues before voters.

What's On the Ballot: Proposition 2

NewsChannel 9 continues its "What's on the Ballot Series", with Tuesday's focus on Proposition 2.

What's On the Ballot: HOT Tax Proposition 3

NewsChannel 9 continues our series, "What's on the Ballot".

What's On the Ballot: HOT Tax Proposition 3, Part Two

NewsChannel 9 continues our series, "What's on the Ballot".

Poll: Race Almost Tied

In Decision 2012, according to an average of eight national polls released between Sunday and Monday, the presidential race is nearly tied up..

Strong Early Voting Turnout In Doña Ana County

New early voting totals this afternoon show strong voter turnout in Doña Ana County. Of the more than a 110-thousand registered voters,  more than 31-thousand of them voted early. 

Voting Deadline Looms for Americans

Tuesday is your your last chance to get in the vote. Polls open at 7 a.m.

El Paso Early Voting Locations & Sample Ballot

Early voting began Monday, Oct. 22. Check below for locations; driver's license or voter registration card is required.  View the sample ballot here: