El Paso political parties select delegates

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Monday, March 24, 2014 - 10:34am

El Paso County Democrats and Republicans each held conventions Saturday to elect delegates to send to Austin.

The Democratic Party hosted their convention at the El Paso Community College Headquarters Saturday morning. Precinct chair and other local officials came to elect delegates to represent El Paso County at the state convention in June.

Glen "Butch" Maya, the Chairman of the Democratic Party, encouraged El Pasoans to get more involved in their local government.

"If they go to the state convention and they go in numbers, it shows that El Paso matters, and that sends a message to Austin that says remember El Paso. Remember us. We are not their little step child, we are not part of Mexico, we're not part of New Mexico. We are part of the state of Texas and we need to be heard." said Maya.

Meanwhile, the El Paso County Republican party hosted their convention at Liberty Hall in Downtown El Paso Saturday. The party elected their own delegates for June's state convention and approved carious resolutions.

The Republican Party Chairman, Tim Holmsley, says they've seen more and more El Pasoans show interest in the Republican Party.

"We still stand strong here. We know that we have an influence on people who vote for the state-wide offices here in El Paso, and it's important for us to make ourselves known in the community." Holmsley stated.

El Paso County's Libertarian Party held a convention on March 15th when they chose Jaime Perez, Jose Lozano and Manny Hinojosa to carry the party's banner in November.


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