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El Paso's Newest Lawmaker Addresses Arizona Immigration Law

El Paso's Newest Lawmaker Addresses Arizona Immigration Law

POSTED: Thursday, April 29, 2010 - 4:44pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, May 1, 2012 - 11:49am

El Paso - Naomi Gonzalez is fresh from an election victory two weeks ago.

Today she said Arizona's immigration law falls far short of its intentions...

"I think that it's unfortunate that Arizona has chosen to take this step and that the law is a clear violation of people's civil rights."

Gonzalez thinks a Texas immigration bill is bad policy, bad politics and best left to the feds...

"I think the border communities are going to come out strong, the delegations that come from those communities are going to have a strong voice in you know stating that immigration is a complex issue and it's one that needs to be addressed by the federal government. We can't have 50 different states addressing you know immigration laws their own way and so I don't think it has a very good chance."

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LEGAL immigration is not the issue, silly woman! SNEAKING ACROSS BORDERS IN THE DEAD OF NIGHT without bothering with the legal sanctions, using fake IDs to gain housing, food, edcation at the expense of LEGAL citizens is the problem. overburdening border states' social and economic infrastructures with anywhere from 9-13 anchor babies while living on welfare and well-meaning church or charity groups, is the problem.
i am more than fed up with the left-libbers who demand equal rights for ILLEGAL invaders. calling them undocumented workers doesn;t change the FACT they are here illegally, they are draining dry the resources od border towns. with voter fraud rampant across the country (only seen the tip of the iceberg!) Dem-socialists FIGHTING tooth and nail against a simple ID requirement proving citizenship to vote (betcha illegals got no proble showing *fake or stolen* IDs to get welfare benefits, medical services), this country is in dire danger of being overun and ruled by either illegals or muslims. either of which will be disasterous to America's future.

As a Hispanic legal immigrant I agree 100% with what you said, we need enforcement of the laws we have, real enforcement and I will say thank goodness for Jan Brewer and Arizona 1070, the states will not have to pass their own laws, if the Federal government do their job and this president command them to enforce all our laws, instead of passing executive orders to protect the illegals to get their votes in November. that I've read the law, thanks to Desert-Rose-8, I like it. How many illegals are in your towns, have jobs and you don't. You know, I've noticed that around this town its not hard to get a fake ID and social security number. Not hard at all. Why don't you dummies in Texas see this? Oh, I know why...cause some of your relatives, friends are part of the illegals. Boy, thanks for opening my eyes to this one FACT! As for the law makers of Arizona, Don't give in the uneducated opitions!

I haven't seen the law they have but if it is that good then all the other states should follow, like Texas with the death sentence. Those people come across the border to get jobs that american people don't want to do, case in facts, Wal-mart, meat processing plants, computer makers. People complained about this before, now look what their doing. Dummies! Good for Arizona! Trying to keep drugs and bad people out. They have 100% of my vote for this one.

We have room for but one language here, and that is the English language, for we intend to see that the crucible turns our people out as Americans, of American nationality, and not as dwellers in a polyglot boarding-house; and we have room for but one soul loyalty, and that is loyalty to the American people.

But this is predicated upon the man's becoming in very fact an American and nothing but an American. If he tries to keep segregated with men of his own origin and separated from the rest of America, then he isn't doing his part as an American. There can be no divided allegiance here. . .

Quote from Theodore Roosevelt about Immigration

We should insist that if the immigrant who comes here does in good faith become an

American and assimilates himself to us he shall be treated on an exact equality with every one else, for it is an outrage to discriminate against any such man because of creed or birth-place or origin.

yup TR said it best, and until the civil liberties/socialists went overboard in the 60s, this criteria was eagerly adhered to by new legal immigrants. whining that the imigration process takes too long is disingenus; an intelligent person realizes that maybe the US's resources and ability to absorb lemming migrations of people ill-equipped to support themslves or their children is far overextended, and results in lowered standards of living of all citizens.

and stop the screams and wails "WE'RE HUMAN TOO" .. THE question is not about being human but of being here legally, able to support one's self and family with a skill or trade, and assimilate into the American lifestyle instead of buildiing yourself mini ethnic ghettos anfd then screaming discrimination. my great-granparents migrated LEGALLY from middle Europer, earlu 1800s. they worked, saved, learned English as a point of pride in their new country, taught their children to honor this new country and while they loved the old country, their allegiance and loyalty were given whole heartedly and glady to the "USA. not so over the past 40 years!

being proud of one's background and roots is one thing, I'm proud of my background. however, refusing to swear total loyalty and commitment to US interests, sneering and denouncing as "racist, discriminatory" all legal citizens' outcry over this invasion of ILLEGALS, demanding bi-lingual everything, equal or greater prominent displays of foreign flags, and desecrating the US flag in front of nat'l media (remember those HS brats in CA? in their "own MX" they wouldn't have gotten free educatiion nor the strandard of living they enjoy here. Talk about biting the hand. frankly if I had the power i'd check every single identifed student's legal status and deport the illegals immediately.)

The only thing Arizona is trying to say is: Come into the country legally, pay your taxes like the rest of us, and contribute to the society that gives you the civil rights you claim are being violated. If you don't like it stay the hell out!!! El Paso city and county officials, we have our own problems without worrying about what Arizona does. Fix us before you try to fix them.

I seriously do not understand how enforcing the law and allowing police to do their job is a violation of peoples civil rights. If they are not citizens of this country, they have no civil rights. Most likely othe only people upset about this are ones with friends and family who are here illegally. The shooting of an agent by an illegal smuggling drugs, just reinforces the need for this type of change.

I'm an American and I see all these things in my job:Isn't the illegals immigrants that are screwing us is our BOSSES that want to make more $, they want people that work more for less, is CAPITALISM! Everybody does it!I know a LOT of Patriotic Americans that hire illegals, and they won't hire Americans, ask them, WHY?Make this country Great again, remember was built in the backs of all immigrants:Europeans,Mexicans etc. all over the world. All come courtesy of our free-market economy, which dem

Bottom line is illegal immigrants no matter race are a drain on our national and state economy.
*no sales/state taxes due to Manifestos/other
*Free Medical assistance
*Traffics tickets do not apply to them
*Reason why Identity theft is on the rise
*No social security being paid or Medicare
*Their Children take up public schools system resources
*Plus etc
Catch up Texas and protect youre residents of our fine state like AZ did.

It would appear the people have spoken; they agree and approve of the law. We do not need the FED stepping in. States put laws on ballets for their states and we vote. We the people do not need to have our voices overridden by the FED, which can hardly maintain this country. Don’t tell us what we want; we vote to tell Government what we want! We need to stop trying to have someone else solve the issues we can when we stand together. As for the law I like most support it.

republicans you watch to much fixed news, misinformation, specialized editing. the courts will settle the az. law. drill baby drill.

What part of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 do you feel at Arizona law 1070 violates? I also suggest you read up on the Supreme Court decision of Terry vs. Ohio from 1968. It contains the courts determination of "stop and frisk", reasonable suspicion, and probably cause.

It is not the right of any person to break the law.

Very interesting discussion. Rand Paul made a remark that he did not agree with the Civil Rights Act, possibly digging a hole he can't get out of. If your American, agreeing with the Civil Rights Act is a part of your heritage. Paul claimed after the comment was made that he supports the Civil Rights Act, there is only one section tha

naomi read the bill, it does not violate anybodies civil rights. it only enforces the law which should be in the first place on the persons who willfully broke the law. most tax payers are ready for this bill to come to texas.

So let’s address the numbers on the Poll. 1819 votes cast and 55% agree with the AZ law and 42% against. Now I am a minority in this city; a gringo. So, assuming that all of the votes cast actually are from El Pasoans, then one might believe that quite a fair amount of Hispanics/Latinos/Chicanos also agree with the law.

It is an insult and injustice to those immigrants that follow the rules to be superseded by persons who are here illegally.

YES!! well said

Civil rights violation? Please expound on this response. Then what you are suggesting is that EVERY person that has ever been stopped by a police officer has had their civil rights violated just by being asked for identification. The same could be said for ICE asking you about your citizenship.

Only 140 words for this? It must be a 'transcript' of a video interview. Just long enough for a sound bite. Great for the politician and good for the news station. It filled, what, a whopping 20 seconds of air time?

Naomi, You looked smart in your photos and sounded good while you were campaining, but your still a rookie I guess I'll cut you some slack. People who are Aliens or Immigrants are breaking the Law by being in this country. I'm sure at some point you vowed to up-hold the laws and protect the constitution, These people have no civil rights in this country why can't you who are suppose to be intelligent people understand that...Maybe your a friend of Ricky Martins,but one thing for sure you..

Republicans are on the wrong side of the issue once again. Look at the recent news: They deregulated the financial institutions and we now have a recession. They opposed regulations of the mining industry and now there are dead Fathers, Brothers and Sons. They opposed regulations of Big Oil and now we have a massive oil spill. Gov. jindal opposes big govt. yet now he wants govt. help. Big Oil & the republicans of MS, LA, TX & AL should show some "rugged individualism" and solve it themselves

This has nothing to do with party, this has to do with enforcing the law. Want an example, then look at the federal agent shot by an illegal trying to carry drugs into the country. Anyone coming legally is welcome, but usually those coming illegally bring drugs and violence with them.

Ha ha, The congress was dominated by Democrats the last two years of the Bush office; they are the ones who make the laws not the President he was a lame duck, so I don't understand why you would say it was a Republican problem! And if so, here it is almost a year and a half later, and the debt, recession, and unemployment are far worse than it was in January of 2009. Who will you point the finger and blame next? Independents? Congress is the legislative branch of Government

Illegal activity is Illegal activity, being here Illegaly is crimminal activity. States have a right to protect their economies. Democrats take notice I/we are sick of supporting illegals especally when our own citizens can't get the assistance these blood suckers get. Send them home, as in Mexico and any other country they come from.

Good for Arizona. They are doing what the Feds should have done and been doing for years.
What is ok about illegal?

Republicans ????? 70% of Arizonans approved of the law and Arizona is certainly not 70% Republican !! And have you seen the poll on this web site where the majority support the issue? Who opposed the Mining and oil safety regulations ?? Buddy you have sure been watching MSNBC too much .Have you ever heard of a Democratic controlled Congress ? Much less Senator Robert Byrd of West Virginia. I believe Arizona has shown some rugged individualism by this law and by their newly initiated gun law.

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