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El Pasoans Upset over Local DJ's Tweet about Military Discounts


POSTED: Monday, November 7, 2011 - 8:32am

UPDATED: Wednesday, October 15, 2014 - 8:11am

UPDATE - 10:25 A.M.

EL PASO - DJ Johnny Kage called NewsChannel 9 this morning in response to his controversial tweet.

The local DJ tweeted about using military discounts and admitted he isn't in the military.

Now, DJ Johnny Kage wants to give us his side of the story.

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EL PASO - Many El Pasoans are upset by what a local DJ tweeted about using military discounts.

On Saturday, DJ Johnny Kage tweeted, "Cashn in on some savings at the mall..all the cashiers ask if I'm Military which I'm not..I say I am and I save! Lol #winning."

One person responded asking "So what country in the middle east have you occupied and put your life on the line for this country and the military discount?"

Kage defended his original tweet, "It was a joke. Like a store is really gonna do that. Come on now. Learn to take a joke."

Newschannel 9 received an email calling for a boycott of the radio station 104.3 until DJ Johnny Kage is removed from his position.

Photo courtesy of El Paso 411.

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If this guys audience thinks this is a joke and funny and just this guy being who he is then maybe he should take his attitude to the local VFW and repeat himself in person to the Vets there and see if he comes away laughing. Then maybe his audience will see him for who he truly is, just another coward willing to let others sacrifice for his way of life.

First of all Johnny Kage is a great person who loves his community. Last year he raised thousands of toys for the Sheriff's office. He recieved an award that has never been given to any civilian because he got the community to come out and donate so many toys. If anyone has anything bad to say about him because of a joke, you should listen to his show because he makes a ton of them, which are hilarious.You people need to worry about other problems going on in the world!GET A LIFE!TEAM KAGE!!!!!!

Johnny you dont owe any more apology. Some of us know what a stand up guy you are. Think about it this way. Your taxes pay my child support. Thanks for what you do Johnny!

I don't know what's more embarrasing for him...that he would take a military discount at the mall when he's not military? or that the cashier's didn't recognize the "famous" el paso dj in person? "all the cashier's" means he went to more than one store....that's sad. so much for him being the famous dj that every one defends him to be....just sayin

Oh now everyone is worried about the military discount. There aren't even that many stores in el paso that even give a military discount anyway! Hell as messed up and hard as times are right now there should be a discount for everyone whereever they shop!

who is johnny kage?? i stopped listening to power102 and hitfm years ago, and stopped listening to that type of genre of music when autotunes took over that cr@p..i only listen to music where people play actual instruments...and i definitely don't consider a dj a "rockstar"....nothing but do*chebags they all are.....just sayin

Blah Blah Blah I am so sick of people talking crap about the military get over it, not every military man or women are criminals or want to take a 18 year old girl like the other idiot said. Remember most men and women in the military have families and children too. And for the other idiot who said they are criminals I have seen the most wanted list for El Paso and they are all dirty civilians of El Paso. Where the hell would El Paso be if the military base decided to close. I know BROKE!!

I believe they call that fraud. Impersonating a soldier for financial gain is against the law. There are plenty of other things to "joke" about. The United States military is not one of them. You live and work in a huge military community that supports the economy of El Paso, and in turn,your job. Shame on you.

The people commenting about military members killing civillians,drunk driving etc. should be ashamed. I am from America. AND I have never seen more civillian drunk drivers then I have here in el paso. Have you been to war? have you had the burden of war and what it does to a man to judge a soldier? I do not defend any drunk driver but you need to look in your own backyards! You should be thanking these brave men and women. As for the Dj gave the community advice to use it. shameful

i;m not sure what to say about this. when ur in the spotlight in ur own community as much as this man, you cant expect people to "know ur character" to know that ur joking. especially when u happen to have so much military amongst ur community. as a military member, i still sometimes have to go above the cashier for discount! so if this clown gets one just for being a dj..? its true, the discount isnt much, but it is a little perk and RECOGNITION we deserve for the hard work and sacrifice.

hahahaa wow ppl are so stupid! They're getting mad over a simple joke! But yet they still decide to love and support those military men and women who make fools of themselves at the clubs, who get drunk, drive, crash and kill someone and only get a slap on the wrist! Yea! lets support those who make the stupid choices and drink and drive and kill our own el pasoans but lets not support a home grown el pasoan who made it big and who does so much for this city. C'mon ppl really!? #TeamKage!!

OMG!! It was funny. Get over it people who think they can be haters. This is not a story its a waste of time. So take it as being offensive, disrespectiful, out if line, absurd and get on with your life! Get over it!! Worse things have happened right here in El Paso from millitary idiots. Alot of people have lost all respect for any military personel because of their reckless actions!!

Get a hobby people it was a harmless joke! Make a big deal when you see a girl with a Coach purse, wallet, shoes, BEBE top using a Lonestar card!

Firing a hard working man who pays child support for his child over a Joke, really??? Why would anyone wish harm to another person????

what jonny did has nothing to do with where he works and what he does you all just need to lay off him it's not a terrorist act towards the US nor is it a devastating occurrence where millions of people died because of what he said the only thing i read was stupid comments because you all have retard anger issues, yes, it may have not been wise to post about it but seriously this is to far threatening him and his whole lively hood when people who abuse all our taxes from welfare use it selfishly

This is one reason why I don't listen to this punk on the radio. Just because you are a DJ does not mean that your jokes will be funny or that people won't find them offensive. There are some things that people should not joke about. I also don't care for this guys choice of words. To me he is nothing but a two bit punk.

No it wasn't funny but why is this making news? What bothers me is that in a military town, children of military families are expected to attend school (YISD) on Veteran's Day instead celebrating the day as it was intended. Many will go to the parades held to celebrate our troops and veterans, and if they skip school, will they be unexcused? EPISD has the day off so why are YISD students expected to go to school?

The real Johnny Kage should punch his head off! Fatlality! Flawless victory!

Oh, come on people!!! Boycott over a joke? Remove Johnny Kage? Pleeeeease get a life!!! He is the reason I listen to 104.3 As a matter of fact when you ask for a military discount at a buisness you have to show your military ID. Life is too short...learn to take a joke. It wasn't meant to offend anyone. He didn't disrespect the military/soldiers and all they sacrifice. Love you Johnny Kage!!! God Bless America!

Soldeirs wife

Pinchi Johnny kakas always trying to make a fast buck any way he can. Even if it means pretending to be an american hero to get a discount! Stealing from those who really deserve it. As if he doesnt make enough money waxing the city up all night.Whats next pretending to be mexican to get free government cheese or maybe pretending to be irish just to get into Mulligans for free.Come on Kakas your better than that.

I dont even listen to that station, but it was a point I was making? And Yes I have family and friends that are in Military? That is why I put SOME! If the stores do not check for military varification, then put blame on their carelessness for not doing there job correctly! My daughter is 18 years old and I still make her call me to make sure she makes it home safe, cause you never know whats out on the streets, especially with all this Infantry coming in? Im just saying, my opinion!

Sure, it's a joke. Just like you are Johnny Kage. Fire him, support the military community.

Why doesnt the public get upset when Military personell kill civilians, because of the bad habbits of DRINKING AND DRIVING! NO but lets support them anyway!? And you want to remove a DJ for joking! Seriously where have our priorities gone!!! I appreciate our Troops, and respect the fact they put there lives on the line for us? But what about the INNOCENT CIVILIANS dying on our streets, because of some of there careless acts! Answer that one! You want to drink and drive, do it on base?

They do and so does the rest of El Paso too, have you forgotten the idiot police officer who was arrested on base for drunk driving. The only innocent civilians who are dying on the street are the ones being killed by other civilians and their careless acts.

wow. i agree that military personnel acting iradically, causing civilians to get hurt is unacceptable, but civilians do the same damn thing. there shouldnt be a line drawn between what actions are right amongst civilians and soldiers. but that little perk of a miitary discount is something we have earned. so yes, continue to support your troops although they make mistakes just like any civilian would. because they do put their lives on the line and have been doing so for the last ten yrs.

You think drinking and driving is a military only problem? Really? Have you bothered to look at any statistics on this or do you prefer to just make it up as you go?

If its true, and hes lying about it being a "joke" couldnt it be the same basis as someone who falsifies documents for government benefits?

I think this is a waist of time worryin about someone who does more then alot of people I know!!! Johnny kage was joking n everyone knows they check military ids when giving military there big 10% discount!! Half the people getting upset over this are dont support our troops!! Instead of worrying about a joke go send our troops care packages or donate to uso...

This DJ is completely out of line, there are few subjects Dejays should not touch on or joke about the military being one of them. Clearly he doesn't realize how offensive his statement was and how hurt the military community must be about the above statement. As a military member one realizes we do not get paid to party much less get paid well in any respect of the word, and military discounts are a privilige we have earned through our service not something we just fall into.

This story is ridiculous. People don't know what to complain about now a days. Their is a lot more serious things going on right now then taking time out of the news to report about something someone said off of a stupid tweet. Their has been about 4 deaths this past weekend and people have the nerve to complain to a news station about a tweet! Come on people get serious now! On the other hand military discount at the mall isn't even ten percent your complaining about a freaking dollar!!

People get offended to easily now a days! get over it and move on. It's riduculous how we're willing to protest to get a DJ off the radio over a meaningless tweet. Find something better to do

I should get a discount for doing my job, that I choose to do.

As a 100 percent disabled Army Veteran, I find his "joke", OFFENSIVE" and sick.
Perhaps he should march his little LIBERAL FANNY
down to the local recruiter's office and sign up, IF he is not DISQUALIFIED from Military service because of a drug habit, criminal habit, or some other undesirable trait. THEN he could go about EARNING the right to use that discount.

This is completely absurd. You really think, after all Johnny Kage has done for the El Paso/Juarez/Las Cruces/FT. BLISS communities he would have the indecency to label himself in such manner. Quit being pathetic about this and let him be. We all facebook and tweet things that we do or wish we could do on a daily basis. This is just Kage being funny. Have a sense of humor people. He too, is only human. Kage has done many things for this community than some of you can ever say for yourselves

People of El Paso need to learn to get a life. Instead of protesting DJ J Cage, protest all the military that is killing people driving drunk, getting arrested for fighting in clubs, shooting people, robbing, breaking into peoples homes....come on...every day a soldier from Ft. Bliss is in the news for comitting crimes. Protest that!!!

It wasn't a joke. He just dosen't have enough balls to man up, and wants to take the easy way out.

U may have something there!!!

no reasont to boycott johnny or where he works people are just being really idotic and in search of a fight for petty reasons change the subject to real news about real issues but if you want to report about this type of issues lets do a mass investigation on multiple accounts of the misuse of welfare!

get that joker out

What a dirt bag, plain and simple. You have never served and been away from your family. You have not seen family members buried due to direct combat actions In Iraq.
You have never been in harms way in combat or had to endure pain for the service to your country years after you retired. It is not a joke and your a punk who couldn't make it in the service even if you tried.
21 Yr US Navy Disabled Veteran

why are u wasting time on a story like this...your competitors are reporting real about what happened in ft bliss yest....another crazy army guys goes bananas.

to the DJ...not a joke, not dare you insult those who fight for your freedoms in this nation...shame on you

I think that commie bastard should be hung! He has no right to claim military status.I think someone should beat the living crap out of this chunk of vaginal-lint, and put him through basic. We'll see exactly how much he wants to "joke" when he really earns the right to be an american! He should be removed from his place of"work" forceably and beaten to a bloody pulp in the parking lot! People like this deserve to be housed in getmo!

TITLE 18 > PART I > CHAPTER 43 > § 912
Prev | Next § 912. Officer or employee of the United States
Whoever falsely assumes or pretends to be an officer or employee acting under the authority of the United States or any department, agency or officer thereof, and acts as such, or in such pretended character demands or obtains any money, paper, document, or thing of value, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.

Just a thought..

Yikes!!! Asking for his removal is a bit harsh. After all, one of the freedoms we enjoy as American is the freedom of expression. Look, the guy said is was a joke, and I can understand how some would not find it funny. But does making an unfunny joke deserve a termination of employment? Let's move on to more important things people.

I dont think its a funny joke. First of all dont profess to be something your not. Our military means so much to our people here in El Paso and they are the true epitome of courage. With all respect Johnny Kage stop using words without knowledge and show some respect for our soldiers. I dont feel as though it should cost him his job but an apology for our military would be sufficient.

That is disgusting and disrespectful. As a military spouse whose husband has EARNED his discount by serving in Iraq, I am appauld that anyone would take advantage like that. And to speak to his defense of "like a store would do that"...yes, they do. I cant tell you how many times we've been told not to worry about furnishing our military ID's. BECAUSE THEY TRUST THAT NO ONE WOULD BE LOW ENOUGH TO LIE ABOUT IT...he should be ashamed.

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