El Pasoans remember Martin Luther King Jr. by helping others


POSTED: Monday, January 20, 2014 - 5:31pm

UPDATED: Monday, January 20, 2014 - 5:50pm

As the nation celebrated Dr. Martin Luther King’s day some El Pasoans spent the day helping out the community and others residents reflected on King’s legacy and example.

On Monday morning dozens of young volunteers visited neighborhoods to check and install free smoke detectors. The objective of this year’s project was to raise awareness about fire hazards, especially among the elderly and disabled.

"We have a lot of youth, a lot of teenagers from different high school programs or different high school clubs that are participating on this day, so we're hoping to have about 100 youth out there canvassing the neighborhoods,"

The annual event was organized by the American Red Cross and the El Paso Fire Department. Organizers said the best way to remember and honor Dr. King is by lending a helping hand.

"Check the homes of those residents, and also make sure that they have a good working smoke detector, if they don't and they would like to have one installed for free the El Paso Fire Department is working with us on this project and they will go ahead and take care of installing a smoke detector for free."

And while the group toured the city others spent the day with family and remembered the man who fought many years for civil rights.

"All his work for equal opportunities made a big difference on what the view is, I mean there's still some people out there today that remember him every day,"

But for some residents there's still much more to do when it comes to civil rights and equality. They said awareness should start at a very young age.

"It has to do a lot with parents, to teach kids that everybody is equal but I've seen cases where kids mistreat other kids for being African American, Mexican or from somewhere else."

"They still have differences; people think that just because you have a certain color or something it doesn't mean that you can't play they compare people still,"

Other groups celebrated the holiday by cleaning up several areas throughout El Paso County.


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