El Pasoans React To El Paso Road Rage


POSTED: Friday, December 16, 2011 - 10:36pm

UPDATED: Monday, December 19, 2011 - 3:50pm

EL PASO- As El Paso grows, so do cases of traffic congestion, and that produces a lot of frustration.

There have been 70 traffic related deaths in El Paso so far this year. Three people have been killed just this week.

Drivers in the Sun City told Newschannel 9 that they've had enough.

"Everybody is just always distracted doing their own thing, and I think that is what causes people to you know, start getting into accidents,” said driver Rigo Zamarron.

Zamarron says getting into accidents is something he knows all too well. He got into two accidents in his first year of driving.

"They were all my fault. I think I'm the bad driver. I just didn't see him, and I just hit him. Easy as that. I was making a left turn and boom,” said Zamarron.

Zamarron isn't the only one who sees other drivers distracted.

"Sometimes people in El Paso drive unsafely due to their texting on their phones. Talking on their phones. Not paying attention to the roads,” said driver Leslie Galeano.

What happens when drivers have had enough? Some resort to road rage. That's what police say prompted one motorist at an east side apartment to fire his gun at the car of another driver who cut him off on Tuesday night.

“The basic thing to remember is that road rage is a contributing factor to what we end up investigating. There is no set title for a road rage offense, however we do have a reckless driving offense which is a misdemeanor,” said El Paso County Sheriff’s Office Spokesperson Angelica Becerra.

The sheriff's office also says you can be cited for making offensive gestures or excessively beeping your car horn.

"Upon arrival, we start investigating these types of incidents, sometimes it does surface that road rage had something to do with it."

The El Paso County Sheriff's Office also says if someone is bullying you on the road, you should not respond to them, and also try to avoid eye contact.

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We have the crappiest drivers in El Paso, now we have the crappiest freeway too. Just not enough for the growth. Wish our congressman would get some fund overhere like the other cities do for highway expansion.

it's fox viewers, limbaugh listeners, republicans, GOP primary voters; republicanism is the affliction of a diseased mind..prone to violence and hate..listening to republican leaning talk radio incites violence and hate..

I've never seen so many dead cats on city streets, I guess road rage causes this problem in El Paso.
Then the dead animals are left on city streets till they become asphalt because people are so mad they have to keep repeatedly running over the dead animal to make sure it never gets in their way again.
Then there are those easy going music lovers with their cars stereos blasted at high volume.
Guess they are so mad they don't want to hear the world around them, they are insane.

After 20 plus years away from El Paso, first thing I notice was the traffic and I ask why are people always driving so fast?
Are they going to go cash in on a winning million dollar lottery ticket or maybe their house is on fire.
I see all the traffic cameras here and there, but those are not to deter motorist from running red lights.
They are traffic traps light changes, three or four cars proceed, then changes back to red light.
It's no wonders people here go in a rage, the laws are crazy.

Nothing will "distract" you, like getting behind the wheel when you are DRUNK. A very high number of these fatalities are a direct result of someone being DRUNK.

To stop road rage, don't drive in the left lane on I-10 and H-54 unless you are passing.

The entrance ramp from UTEP should have the lane extended all the way to Executive center to alleviate congestion and bottleneck traffic at critical times. Utep is growing and building and so should the main arteriess feeding this area.

El Paso roadways need to expand as the city grows. We had an ordnance passed to keep slow moving trucks out of the passing left lane on I-10 yet we need to place more signs telling slow motorists to stay right. We also need to get Tex Dot to increase the lanes going West bound on I-10 to the New Mexico border. Las Cruces/New Mexico did a similar project and its a much smaller city and state. We are falling behind.

People are forgeting the basics of their driving class, "Always drive defensely". The basics will save you. All accidents are preventable. Since the police are out protecting their own, and kicking out the bad apples and resiginations by the bushel, we have no real protection "visual deterant" on the road. The advent of letting everyone from south of the river into El Paso to shop, sell or visit does not help either. Do they get any kind of education about our driving habits. NO

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