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El Pasoans React to Proposed Triple AAA Baseball Stadium


POSTED: Tuesday, June 26, 2012 - 1:28pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, July 11, 2012 - 10:40am

Locals and County Officials React

Tuesday City Council will vote whether to authorize an agreement with the local MountainStar Sports Group to build a $50 million downtown baseball park.

The proposed $50 million stadium would be built where city hall is located now, and according to a non-compete clause, the Diablos would have to leave city limits when a triple-a team comes in. County Commissioner Anna Perez says she wants more details.

" Our buildings are downtown and so we at some point would hope that city would make a presentation to commissioners court because its county jurisdiction as well," said Perez.

She does agree a stadium would be good for El Paso's economy.

"As far as the economic development that comes with that. It's a very positive step, a very positive advancement on where El Paso County can be," said Perez.

As for the Diablos having to skip town, some think its time. El Paso native Hugo Rojo says he and his grandpa are huge baseball fans, but they're ready for something new.

" It gives me a big sense of pride. I know El Paso has been home to the El Paso Diablos a very long time but I think it's time for something bigger, something better, something that can put El Paso on the map,” said Rojo.

" I think it's probably best that we start expanding. I mean eventually it could be a fact that we might lose the Diablos but it'd be great to actually see another team maybe develop, maybe a fresh start which probably might be needed as we start to grow as a city," said local El Pasoan Jon Olgin.

County Judge Veronica Escobar says the proposed stadium is a wonderful idea.

" El Paso is a growing modern city but we still lack many amenities and we still lack many key aspects to quality of life that will make us a more competitive city. And so if we want to compete with other cities for industry, for jobs, for investment from the outside, we need to invest in ourselves," said Escobar.

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Thank You All!

I was so waiting for someone to say how stupid it was to tear down a perfectly good building like El Paso City Hall, dumb dumb dumb! Why does it have to be down town, first of all, is it part of the effort to bring renewd life to our downtown area? Why tear down a perfectly good building, It makes no sense at all! Who is the brilliant clown who thought this up? And the diablos have to leave? Why cant there be two teams? Some other cities have 2 teams of same sports, please !

$50 million is a lot to place on El Paso taxpayers backs, including the retired.
Will this be covered in a bond election or it is a done deal?

They City Council did it today. They screwed the Diablos and the Tigua Indians.
No more Diablos.

If city counsel approves the creation of a stadium downtown, I, for one, hope that there will be a recall election for all those who said yes. It is absolutely ludicrous for them to approve such a stupid idea, especially when it will be us taxpayers footing the bill. To tear down City Hall to accomplish this notion is also a really dumb idea. Plus, downtown offers no options for parking, and it is too close to Juarez for most folks tast

I know that for the most part you have to spend money in order to make money, so I think if we can get a tripple A team to El Paso then GREAT, so long as our city leaders don't again do what they did with the strip mall where the 3 Legged monkey is located & that was pay way more than what it should of COST!. When the Tiguas were negotiating to buy the Diablos did anyone from the city tell them about a potential no competition clause required by Tripple A Baseball teams? I say sell Cohen to them

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