El Pasoans react to fireball is the sky Saturday night

Sunday, April 13, 2014 - 10:44pm

That "big bright flash" that seemed to stun so many El Pasoans was a meteor about foot in diameter. It was spotted all over the Borderland and even as far away as Phoenix.

Those who saw the fireball at about 9 last night said it was quite the sight to see, as the meteor lit up the entire sky last night.

"It was pretty awesome. It lit up the sky light daylight," said Mauricio Muniz.

The entire event only lasted around 5 seconds, but it was just enough for a NASA meteor camera at NMSU to catch the light.

"I just saw a big bright flash. Like something blue-ish or green-ish,” said Muniz. “The next thing I knew, there was a ball that just fell from the sky."

Some weren’t sure what they had just seen.

"It was like something exploded. I thought it was a big huge firework," said Pattie Estrada.

News Channel 9 viewers took to our social media to see if anyone else saw the light in the sky.

“The brightest and most gorgeous meteor I've ever seen” said Natalie Waumans.

Jessica Saldivar said she has “never seen anything like that.”

And a few viewers had some interesting ideas as to what it was.

Mike Perez joked, “it was the green lantern!”

He wasn't the only one who thought it could be something super natural.

"We were like, is that Thor? Is that the hammer of Thor," laughed Muniz.

But no, it wasn't a super hero.

"It could have been space junk. It could have been a chip. It could have been a particle,” said Chris Grohusko, a local astronomy enthusiast.

Grohusko has been in contact with NASA since the event happened.

NASA said the object had a -9 brightness.

"The more negative the number, the higher the brightness,” Grohusko said. “The sun is a -28, the moon is a -12. So this shooting star was a -9."

Everyone who saw it enjoyed the show.

“It was a really nice treat," said Estrada.

If you missed the meteor, you still have an event in the sky to look up at. There is a lunar eclipse Monday night.

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