El Pasoans React to Employers Asking Job Applicants for Facebook Passwords

El Pasoans React to Employers Asking Job Applicants for Facebook Passwords

POSTED: Tuesday, March 20, 2012 - 9:15pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, March 21, 2012 - 9:30am

EL PASO - With more employers asking job applicants for social networking logins and passwords, some El Pasoans feel that might be crossing the line.

Companies have been known to look at social networking pages of potential employees. Because of privacy settings on profiles, some companies are now asking applicants for logins and passwords.

"It's ok if they look at it, but providing my personal information like my password I think that's taking it too far," said UTEP Student Anahi Marquez.

Companies that don't ask for passwords sometimes ask applicants to friend a human resource manger or log in to their accounts during interviews.

"I guess it kind of is ok because they kind of get to know what kind of person you are," said Adriana Contreras.  
Most employers asking for access are public agencies looking to hire police officers or emergency dispatchers.

Fred Perea with the El Paso Society for Human Resources Management said in a statement that more companies are developing policies for using online resources to screen jobseekers.

He said it's very appropriate to ask a company about their stance on using social media to screen candidates.


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So . . . . you get a "NEW" and fake Facebook account that says that you love babies, love sunshine, wish peace and happiness for the world, love your parents, would really like to work for the company that you hope to apply to, or . . .
CHANGE your Facebook info on your current account before you go to a job interview.
and Un-friend those friends that like heavy metal music, worship the devil, use 4 letter words unfit for the workplace.

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