El Pasoans React to Boxing Match Cancellation


POSTED: Wednesday, April 25, 2012 - 8:09am

UPDATED: Thursday, April 26, 2012 - 10:07am

EL PASO - It's what some are calling a major setback for El Paso, a high profile boxing match scheduled at the Sun Bowl between boxers Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. and Andy Lee has been cancelled.

It's one of the most anticipated sporting events El Paso had planned to host in years.

 But, the University of Texas System Administrators say the Sun Bowl isn't the appropriate place for this fight.

The bout between Mexican boxer Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. and Andy Lee scheduled for june 16th was cancelled just yesterday.

Promoters and fans are up in arms about the unpopular decision and say this is a major defeat for our community.

Promoters are planning on appealing the decision.

If you want to voice your opinion, e-mail u.t.systemfeedback@utsystem.edu.

El Paso residents have drafted on online petition, which can be found here: thepetitionsite.com/552/315/266/keep-the-chavez-lee-fight-at-the-sun-bowl/ 

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I'm sure the University of Texas System Administrators have good reason to do what they did. But please post those reasons so concerned citizens can be informed about your motives. We are not naive nor do we scare easy. Tell us the facts as they are. Thank you

This issue really does have to do with the drug war going on in cd Juarez Mexico. Both Julio Ceasar Chavez senior and Junior are from the state of Sinaloa, of which of course the cartel with the same name has been fighting a vicious drug war across our border with their rivals the Juarez cartel. Both Chavez father and son think (in my opinion) that they are too "good" to be fighting in a city that for many years has supported a cartel rival to the cartel from their home state, where both of them obvioulsy are hailed as heroes (as well as anyone from the state of Sinaloa like the Mexican band Tigres del Norte and Mexican singer "el Chapo de Sinaloa" the musician with the same name as the infamous drug lord). It does not surprise me therefore that the UT system administrators being from the heart of Texas (hence making them more prone to follow Texas governor Rick Perry's example of making intentional baseless/false accusations about the insecurity of our city) would make such a decision given that even Chavez is not in favor of comming here.

Typical mentality of higher ups in El Paso, so they say the crime has not spilled over, yet still the cancelation of the fight is because of concerns with the spill over!!! I am so fed up with the double sided faces of our officials. This is the reason why El Paso will always be considered the step child city of Texas.

Everyone loses on the issue at hand with the cancellation of the Julio Cesar Chavez boxing match that was scheduled for June 16, 2012. Why was this event denied from all El Pasoan's, UTEP, the U.T. system and the state of Texas? There was a championship fight at the Don Haskins center here on the UTEP campus last week. The President of the United States was recently here and no problems with El Paso and security. El Paso has a very large number of law enforcement agencies and personnel along with the military here at Fort Bliss which is one of the largest military bases and personnel in the U.S.

I believe the Texas Board of Regents for the UT System is sending the wrong message to all of El Paso and Juarez, Mexico. You are implying that there is no concern for anyone that resides here in El Paso and Juarez and that you are afraid of certain groups from Mexico. You are also implying that there is no faith in our Law Enforcement and Military personnel. Thirdly, you are implying that El Pasoan's aren't capable of hosting such events safely. Intelligence speaks for itself and everyone involved. Please reconsider the facts on a professional level. Thank you for your time and consideration into this matter.


Joseph Sullivan

El Paso hosted two championship bouts this past weekend. Why wasn't there a security concern then? The President was recently here and there wasn't any problems. El Paso has an extremely large amount of numerous Law Enforcement agencies and personnel along with Fort Bliss.
Not only is El Paso losing out, the state of Texas and the Board of Regents are sending the wrong message to Juarez Mexico. We Texans are stating that we are unfriendly and implying that we are afraid of certain groups coming to our city. Intelligence would benefit from this event from all aspects. Please re-consider

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