El Pasoans Embracing Colder Weather

El Pasoans Embracing Colder Weather
Friday, October 26, 2012 - 9:52am

Temperatures are dropping throughout El Paso as Winter takes over.

It was bright and sunny in the Sun City on Friday. But if the changing hues in the leaves are any indication of what lies beneath, looks can be deceiving. News Channel 9 asked residents how they're coping with the temperature change. "I love it. I'm adjusting to it really well because I love the cold weather," El Paso resident Charlene Jimenez tells us.

The National Weather Service says temperatures dropped as low as 40 degrees early Friday morning. "It's exciting because we finally get to feel the Fall," Ilene Flores states. Flores also lives in El Paso.

With temperatures reaching as high as the mid-90s earlier this week, the 30 degree drop is a welcome change for some people who just like it frigid.

"I love the cold weather, keeps me more like motivated. Like I don't know. I love it, I feel more energized," Jimenez says.

Although we can't turn up the sun and turn down the wind, residents can shut out the cold in other ways, "I'm always in my car, my car has a good heater. Thank God, and my home does, too. As long as I have a jacket when I'm out I'm fine," Flores says.

Or, they can simply wait for the seasons to turn over a new leaf. "Those who don't like the cold weather, they don't really have to deal with it for that long because it won't be here for that long," Jimenez tells us.

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