El Pasoans Eat Up The "Hunger Games"


POSTED: Friday, March 23, 2012 - 6:15pm

UPDATED: Friday, March 23, 2012 - 6:30pm

Some of you may have stayed up way past your bedtime last night to eat a midnight snack in the form of box office magic.

Movie theatres across the country have their plates full this weekend... serving up a heaping helping of "Hunger Games" hysteria.

Even El Pasoans have worked up an appetite for this highly-anticipated book adaptation.

"Twilight, Harry Potter...it's the new one...'Hunger Games,'" said Kathy Thomas-Aldrich, a "Hunger Games" fan.

"When I found out they were making the 'Hunger Games'...I was like 'yesss,'" said Rachel Navarrette.

"It's the addictive sort. Once you read a couple chapters, next thing you know, three books are knocked out and you're ready for the movie," said Caylyn Higgins.

Midnight screenings earned an estimated $19.7 million... the most ever for a non-sequel and the seventh best all time.

The futuristic story of teens forced to fight to the death will likely gobble up more than $100 million this weekend.

"At Fandango, we're selling ten tickets a second, so it's going to be really big," said Tara McNamara with Fandango.com.

Of course... big bucks mean big crowds... which some El Pasoans avoided by attending matinee showings at "Carmike Cinemas" on the city's northeast side.

"I heard a lot of people wanted to come see the movie so we're just going to go ahead and watch it right now," said Corina Gutierrez.

These fans just hope the film satisfies their craving for an accurate portrayal of the novel...leaving a good taste in their mouths.

"It's your imagination, what you feel it was and when you see a movie it's someone else's imagination, what they see as the book. So, hopefully, they do a great job. It is a longer series...so I know the first movie's always just to kind of set up the rest of the series. It's never going to be as good as the other movies, I hope will be," said Thomas Aldrich.

With at least two sequels on the horizon... this installment will likely just leave fans hungry for more.


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