El Pasoans Driving...Cell Phones in Hand


POSTED: Friday, December 3, 2010 - 5:02pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, February 8, 2011 - 7:46pm

EL PASO- We've all seen it and some of you may have done it yourself.  We're talking about texting or talking while driving.  While it's illegal in El Paso, NewsChannel 9's Matt Rivers found out many drivers don't seem to care.

It's been against the law since March.  Using your cell phone while driving, texting included, can get you a quick ticket from police.  But El Pasoans seem ready to run the risk

"Probably no decrease since the law passed, and it's usually the people that frustrate me on the road," said El Pasoan Miguel Bonilla.

A study from the Texas Transportation Institute says 85 percent of Texans think texting or talking while driving has gotten worse. 

So we decided to find out for ourselves how bad the situation really is.  Starting at noon, we stood out on the Glory Road and Mesa intersection for a half hour.

We counted 33 people either texting or talking.

Next we went up to Mesa and Executive to do the same thing, where we met Pastor Tony Jackson collecting money for a church charity.  He says he sees plenty of drivers breaking the law.

In 30 minutes, we've counted 53 people either talking or texting.  Combine that with our last intersection and we've counted over 80 people using their cell phones while driving in just over an hour.

Illegal or not, El Pasoans just don't seem ready to put down the phone.

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we just dont understand ha not until something happens then we're going to understand ... why sould we follow the law well we should even if others dont.

And don't forget all the people from Juarez that are now living here. I see them talking all the time, while driving, using their handsets instead of an earpiece. But then again, they do not have to follow our laws. Do they ?

Happens all the time! The cops don't seem to care either as I've seen! I drive for a living and see it all the time even in school zones! It's definitely an addiction that is very hard to break!

The cops and sheriffs do not obey the law, why should anyone else?

You not only see motorists abusing road use privileges, but a kid (middle school) who was texting while bike riding was unable to effectively control his vehicle. I nearly collided with him while I was pedaling. ALL ROAD USERS MUST FOLLOW THE RULES OF THE ROAD! On the plus side, I was pedaling one of my daily cycle routes when I stopped to assist a motorist on 601. The soldier needed no help because he had pulled far off onto the shoulder to stop and text. That was great and safe, albeit rare.

and why should they?

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