El Pasoans don't let strong wind, dust ruin their day

El Pasoans don't let strong wind, dust ruin their day
Monday, April 8, 2013 - 9:41pm

The winds and the dust died down some Monday night but there was a lot of dust in the air earlier in the day.

The El Paso star was not shining as bright Monday night. That's because of the strong winds and blowing dust.

But it's not benching young baseball players at Eastwood Park in East El Paso.

"Coach Salas called Ralph and he was concerned about the wind and he told him we'd play it by ear so we're out here. It's ok. It's not too bad," said mother Tina Valverde.

The coach said the players need to get used to all weather conditions, with safety in mind of course.

"I'd say about 30 knots. About 30 knots, then we'll cancel and make a judgment call as well. If a lot of debris is blowing and a lot of dust and dirt, then we'll stop practice," said Coach Ralph Mendez.

Football players actually love taking a hit from the wind, but their parents don't.

"Parents don't like the wind that much so they tend to stay inside the car with the kids. If we see a child that's hurt or something, we'll run outside and find out what's going on and then we go right back into our cars again," said mother Gloria Santellano.

13-year-old Victor Velazquez and his dad are taking advantage of the winds.

"Coming over here with a day like this flying a kite, with my dad, it's pretty joyful, pretty fun," said Victor.

But in Downtown El Paso, the weather was more of an inconvenience.

"I hate it. It messes up my hair," said Arturo Contreras.

"The wind kind of takes you and us as females with the hair and getting in your face. I don't like it. I really don't like it," said Sylvia Martinez.

Arturo and Sylvia were at the El Paso County Courthouse to get their marriage license and said although they hate the wind; it's not putting a haze on their special moment.

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