El Pasoans Buzzing About President Obama's Chamizal Speech


POSTED: Tuesday, May 10, 2011 - 2:42pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, May 10, 2011 - 4:50pm

EL PASO – President Obama's visit to El Paso certainly got a lot of buzz. Even folks who didn't get a ticket to watch the president deliver a speech at Chamizal, waited near the area, hoping to get a glimpse of Mr. Obama.

Betty Halliburton was one of the many people who didn't get a ticket. However, that didn't stop her and so many others from camping outside the park.

“I really want to see the president – even if I just see a glimpse of the motorcade,” said Halliburton.

Maria Hernandez sat near the park for hours. She said she didn't mind the long wait.

“I'm fine with waiting here a few hours. It's not everyday that Obama comes to El Paso,” said Hernandez.

While many were excited about the president's visit, some folks said they were disappointed it wasn't more open to the public.

“I believe there probably should have been more [tickets] because we have enough room to get more people in [Chamizal],” said Javier Acevedo.

However, others said they understood why the event was somewhat exclusive.

“They had to limit it somehow, so they could do the security right and protect the president,” added Halliburton.

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Latinos for OBAMA 2012

Latinos for OBAMA 2012

They sure are buzzing. Like a bunch of angry bees. What a bunch of self serving lies.

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