El Pasoans Admit To Texting While Driving


POSTED: Saturday, December 17, 2011 - 9:43pm

UPDATED: Monday, December 19, 2011 - 1:41am

EL PASO- It's something many of us are guilty of, even if we don't always admit to texting and driving. Everyone knows it's against the law, but isn't stopping a lot of people.

The National Transportation Safety Board is calling for a national ban on mobile phone use while driving.

Throughout The United States, texting while driving laws vary. Due to its obvious safety risk, the NTSB wants one unified policy.

Distracted driving is to blame for over 3,000 traffic deaths in the US last year. The government says texting is to blame for over 400 of those fatalities.

The El Paso Police Department says they have issued almost 15,000 cell phone violations in the last year and a half.

Texting while behind the wheel is something many El Pasoans admit they are guilty of.

"If I'm going to text while driving, I usually wait until I get to a light or whatever. Sit at the red light, send a really quick text. It's usually for informational purpose, you know I try to not have excessive texting going on,” said driver Allison Eudy.

"Yah, I do it at red lights, so not normally when I'm driving. Although, I have sometimes and you like run up on the curb, but I'm not going to lie,” said driver Katie Fearington.

Eudy says law enforcement themselves set a bad example.

"You’re not supposed to do it, but you see everybody else do it. I mean I've watched cops do it in the car. You know they are sitting at the light. I've seen them while they are driving down the street. So, it's really hard to see where the line is."

Ali Boyd says one of her classmate’s family members was killed when his vehicle was hit by a driver who was texting instead of paying attention to the road.

“I think that event kind of catalyzed a more internationality of driving and texting and the use of a cell phone in the car,” said Boyd.

Boyd also says her generation has been raised in a society where dependence on technology is common.

"Especially our generation with the iPhones and the smart phones. They think that, there is like this mentality like we are not going to get hurt and we are not going to hurt other people. It's pretty arrogant, but I think we are all susceptible to it for sure,” said Boyd.

Other drivers say that cell phone laws are confusing because they travel throughout the state, and different cities have different laws.

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I'm looking for you texters! I'm going to pull ot in front of you cause I need a new car!
ps I'm waiting for a lexus beemer or benz, ya'll will have the best auto insurance!

Premature death: thats what someone in Heaven is saying to Saint Peter. I was killed by someone that was texting.
Well, now there are laws that say you shouldn't be texting but you say police are doing also. How can we have a law that says we can't while even the cops do it? Unfortunately, there will be more deaths. Will you be next?

Another El Paso driver mentality, no consideration for other mortorist.
The person texting or talking on their cell phones is at a intersection with about 10 or more cars behind him and wont move.
But if you honk at them you will get the gester of their finger, if the Sheriff is there you might get a citation for honking your horn.
As usual the good guys get the fine, and the bad guys are protected by the law in El Paso only.

If our police chief will not enforce this law we should fire him!!

Are we supposed to be surprised? El Paso has the most inconsiderate drivers of any city I have lived in, and I have lived all over the U.S. Drivers here will run your butt off the road just to get to the stop light first. They text, drink, run red lights, speed, blow off school zones completely and have no regard for anyone on the road. Just look at all the deaths on the roads here, everyday there's someone dying because of bad driving habits. Wake Up!

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