El Pasoan hopes to spur cyber bullying dialogue in Borderland, nation

El Pasoan hopes to spur cyber bullying dialogue in Borderland, nation

POSTED: Sunday, January 12, 2014 - 10:10pm

UPDATED: Sunday, January 12, 2014 - 10:22pm

An El Paso woman is hoping to bring more awareness to cyber bullying one Facebook like at a time. This after a 14-year-old girl took her own life.

Annette Ornelas says she created the page after seeing this girl take her life allegedly after being cyber bullied.

Cyber bullying can be at the tips of your child's fingers. Annette Ornelas is trying to change that. "I decided to create this page not only because of me, or Viviana, but everybody that lost their lives due to cyber bullying or any kind of harassment,” Annette Ornelas explained.

Ornelas created ‘El Paso Stop Cyber Bullying, the Facebook page has been up and running for a week and has already garnered over 12,000 likes. "We want the public to come together and support us."

The El Pasoan said she wants to make the community aware of how cyber bullying can affect children, as well as young adults. "I'm an open lesbian so it was triggered mostly into the lesbian and the way that I would dress, who I was going out with." Because at one point, Ornelas claimed she too was a victim. "I tried to commit suicide five times already. I'm 33-years-old and the last time was two years ago." She found herself in a coma, but through her faith and her sister, she managed to pull through. "Because of her I'm still here. She saved my life."

Now, she's trying to reach others who may be feeling the way she once did. "I'm just doing this because I want to help others, you know what I mean, and I want their voice to be heard."

Her page, has attracted many who want to prompt change. "My son was once a victim and now I want to reach out to others,” Melinda Chavira, the Assistant Director of the EPSCB page said, "To reach out to others, let them know they're not alone, to… that we're there for them."

Through this group's determination they hope to raise cyber bullying awareness in the borderland...

"I hope to take it national. I hope to have some laws that will prevent cyber bullying or any kind of harassment and put an end to it,” Ornelas told us.
The group will be screening a Cyber Bullying video on January 24 at 6 pm at the Truancy Court at 4641 Cohen across the street from Cohen stadium in Judge Brian Haggerty’s court.
They are also fundraising on behalf of Viviana Aguirre, the 14-year-old girl who committed suicide after her family says, she was cyber bullied. Money will go to the Aguirre family:
Viviana Aguirre’s parents – Wells Fargo mention El Paso Stop Cyber Bullying for Viviana 803-311-3260
To sponsor events – Wells Fargo mention El Paso Stop Cyber Bullying 803-311-3252
All events will be free.

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