El Paso Women Ranked Among the Lowest Wage Earners in the Country


POSTED: Tuesday, January 31, 2012 - 7:18pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, February 1, 2012 - 12:37pm

EL PASO-ForbesWoman magazine says women in El Paso earn some of the smallest paychecks in the whole country.

It used data from the 2010 census that studied women who work full time jobs. The study says that in El Paso, the average salary for a woman working full time is less than $37,000. We talked to people at local businesses about why they think this is.

"There's a lot of commercial and a lot of industries that are still a little bit behind the time," said William Girarldez, a hotel manager.

"I think yes there's a lot of times where we can say we are paid lower than our male counterparts," said Gloria Navarro, an employee in the hospitality industry.

"I think El Paso as a whole needs to re-evaluate all of their industries and the cost of living," said Letica Arreola, a Human Resources employee.

Cindy Ramos is the CEO of the El Paso Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. She says things have actually improved in the last ten years, as more women take jobs.

"There's a lot more in the force than there used to be and we are finding that the disparity between wage salaries and different levels is still not where it needs to be."

Ramos-Davidson says research shows women earn 23-25% lower wages than men. She blames a deep-rooted cultural belief that a woman should be at home while a man works.

"My dad is a classic example of that. There's still a gap of understanding the value of women in the workplace. I think for some reason um it is a cultural thing," said Ramos- Davidson.

That's not to say that all of El Paso is stuck in time.

"You will find many companies in town that very much embrace the women in the workplace and do a lot for women and then there are companies that don't,” she says. "Maybe change some of their old time cultures and thoughts about the fact that women can be very good assets in corporations and be CEO's and run them sometimes better than their male counterparts."

Ramos-Davidson agrees El Paso has great potential, but men and women need to have equal stature in the workplace. She believes that "it needs to be about the value of the intellect, about the talent and the solid work ethic they bring to the table." 

The El Paso Hispanic Chamber of Commerce has a women's center to help women who want to start their own businesses. To find out more information about the El Paso Hispanic Chamber of Commerce or the women's center visit their site.

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Why ?

This article implies that the average salary for men in El Paso is over $37K. Unbelievable. This is an example of someone manipulating the figures and limiting the information to support the story. In this instance I would describe the EP Hispanic Chamber of Commerce as playing the "gender role".

El Paso Hispanic Chamber of Commerce needs to change it's name to El Paso "Racist" Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

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