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El Paso woman claims apartment managers want discount money back


POSTED: Wednesday, June 5, 2013 - 5:35pm

UPDATED: Friday, June 7, 2013 - 8:10am

A West El Paso woman is speaking up about what she says are poor living conditions in the Las Lomas Apartment Complex. This is a story we first brought you back in April. As we've reported, Hilda Mejias was and is still afraid to live in her apartment. As it turns out, she's not the only tenant who's upset.

In an environment which was supposed to be Hilda's home. Hilda says she hasn't felt safe since they began construction months ago.

"I think I want to leave but I'm afraid to, because they might report me to the credit bureau," Hilda Mejias told us in Spanish.

Hilda's home was littered with cracks and holes when we visited in May. In June, the repairs have been made but she says it's just covering up the real damage. Hilda's neighbor also shared her concerns.

"The doors are not closing, the floors are not level. They never made me aware of the construction that was going to be held," Claudia Hernandez told us. She did not want to show her face but she wasn't afraid to share her name nor the space that she's been living in.

"I'm very unhappy because I went to go check and they haven't fixed anything," Claudia explained. She has also asked management to repair the cracks in her home. "And they told me that in two weeks if no one shows up to fix it, then I have to go back again and report it," she explained.

Even though the repairs have been made, Claudia and Hilda say they're just cosmetic. "The floors still feel like it's slopes even though they fixed it," Claudia said.

Since Hilda shared her story with us, she says management has given her a notice. A notice that she needs to pay back the 50-percent discount they granted her two months ago, plus interest. However, she plans on giving them a letter instead.

"I'm going to give them a letter that says I'm not going to pay because I don't want to be living in these kind of conditions," Hilda said.

We contacted the managers at the Las Lomas Apartment Complex and they told us what Hilda shared with us is incorrect and they would have someone with their corporate office contact us at a later time.

We also spoke with the City of El Paso's Developmental Services Department. They say they checked the complex since we first aired our story. They told us they're waiting on Las Lomas' Project Manager before they can move on with their inspection results.

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