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El Paso Water Emergency Continues Sunday


POSTED: Sunday, February 6, 2011 - 8:14am

UPDATED: Monday, February 7, 2011 - 2:36pm

EPWU Issued 24-Hour Water Restriction

EL PASO - Mandatory water restrictions continue Sunday as El Paso Water Utilities works to update the community on a severe water shortage.

EPWU instituted restrictions Saturday, urging neighbors not to wash cars, shower, do dishes or wash clothes.

"The water system is still recovering from the freezing temperatures that caused damage to our facilities, and the rolling blackouts that EPWU participated in to conserve electricity," said EPWU spokeswoman Christina Montoya.

"In addition, several pipe breaks are being reported throughout the city as frozen pipes begin to thaw. This is causing the demand for water to be abnormally high, while reservoir levels remain low and equipment is still being repaired."

EPWU crews are working non-stop to repair and monitor the water system.

The agency said it would update the community on the water emergency throughout the day so look for updates on ktsm.com and on NewsChannel 9.

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I definitely regret moving to El Paso. The cities leaders are incompetent. You may want to be a real city, but you’re far from it. A few days of bad weather and this happens, and more than likely its citizens will have to pay out of their pockets for the mistakes of poor city management. Sounds like an incompetent city government to me. Really all we need now is a line of people a block long in front of a broken water line simply to have access to water. Sound familiar, look across the border.

I live in the Juarez'Valley and I haven't had to worry about electricity, water, gas, phone or internet. I just followed common sense and instructions from authorities about what to do in this severe weather situation.I prepared as much as possible for the incoming cold front.Water utility workers have been thawing valves for in a simple but effective way. And also let's remember the last time there was weather this severe it was back in 1962 and that El Paso is a great and Safe CITY!!

More demands from an un-prepared company. Do you remember the water drainage system problem? All the flooding that happened. El Paso utilities are a joke. El Paso Electric is a monopoly, the water company fines you for washing your car, and the gas company fees are back breaking. El Paso is a city that deserves better but we will never get it. Wages here are so low and fees are way to high because of the monopolies here in the Sun City.

Thanks for the information!

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