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El Paso Water Emergency Continues Sunday


POSTED: Sunday, February 6, 2011 - 8:14am

UPDATED: Monday, February 7, 2011 - 2:36pm

EPWU Issued 24-Hour Water Restriction

EL PASO - Mandatory water restrictions continue Sunday as El Paso Water Utilities works to update the community on a severe water shortage.

EPWU instituted restrictions Saturday, urging neighbors not to wash cars, shower, do dishes or wash clothes.

"The water system is still recovering from the freezing temperatures that caused damage to our facilities, and the rolling blackouts that EPWU participated in to conserve electricity," said EPWU spokeswoman Christina Montoya.

"In addition, several pipe breaks are being reported throughout the city as frozen pipes begin to thaw. This is causing the demand for water to be abnormally high, while reservoir levels remain low and equipment is still being repaired."

EPWU crews are working non-stop to repair and monitor the water system.

The agency said it would update the community on the water emergency throughout the day so look for updates on and on NewsChannel 9.

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A Lot of restaurants, food related businesses, where open. Even with no water???? Why. We all know that pipes busted, pipes froze. Not all had running or hot water>>>>>>>Who really had a safe and sanitary facility?????Where did you eat?????

This is a result of ppl. taking shortcuts everybody from the contractors to the politicians are taking our tax dollars and cuting deals while emplimenting the the buddy system, and to pacify our needs they hire big companies that hire locals to help rob themselves because in the end it's us that have to deal with this bi-product of the fraternity of " Good Ol' Boys".

i have noticed alot of bussiness's open here in anthony ,texas, like the laundry places, car wash next to La Feria, rose garden restaurant, mcdonald's, and almost all this places !! how inconcerate of all this people really and they complain instead of helping the city where was the sheriff to fine them???? so what now?? i really dislike living in anthony i feel like i am around idiots!!!!!! HELP

HOW can we not have water, and have access to water from the desalination plant? EPWU and EPE are sleeping together on this in order to justify rate increases, the will say words to the affect, "we need more money to upgrade our facilities in order to provide you better service." BS is all it is. Conveniently, they were turned down for a rate increase, and so this is payback, I beleive. The water utilit-ies, are just being complicit.

I finally got my water turned back on but I wouldn't doubt it if they shut if back off like they did yesterday. The dishes and clothes and even cars can wait to be washed but going without taking a shower. Sorry El Paso but I'm taking a shower. I've read some of the comments and your right we are living in a third world country. This isn't El Paso, Tx this is a third world country.

With the city's utility management and preparedness at a critical breaking point, why is it that school districts & colleges are being allowed to resume classes on Monday? Thousands of dishes from meals served will not be left unwashed, we all know this. Each campus will require mass amounts of water, gas and electric to be operational. It's embarrassing enough to see how crippled the city has become over this storm, why make us look worse?

They should tell the big stores like Wal-Mart to close, they use alot of water and they talk about helping the community but it seem that they only talk , but when it comes to them its all about the money. Of course its abouot the money, they wash their cooking utensils pots pans, and with a hose plus its not recycable water to start off, they even have the air conditioners on it was to cold to even shop in the store i lkie Wal-Mart but most of the time they over do it.

If they shut down WAL-MART people will begin to starve because they cannot buy food. Also, people need to buy water to drink so they will not die of thirst. I hope WAL-MART stays open

I love how people have nothing better to do than complain! I have been in the military for over 17 years and everywhere I have lived, Puerto Rico, D.C., Maryland, Florida, Honolulu natural events occur that put a strain on resources, and no city is ever prepared enough. El Paso is not immune either! I also love how the minute something bad happens here everybody wants to compare it to "the other side of the border". Stop your *itching, do what you have to do, we will all be better off.

Thank You JustMe21! Finally somebody understands! Not to mention that the entire country is having problems too. Severe winter storms hit the entire country, with broken temperature records. El Paso has not experienced freezing temperatures since more than 20 years ago. El Paso is not used to any type of severe weather, therefore, we are not fully equipped for it. We need to be a little more understanding and continue to contribute our part as a community.

The Bottom Line Is That The City Leaders Weren't Prepare At All Even Though They Knew In Advanced About The Weather. Now Send Some People To Other States Such Denver, Utah Indianapolis, New York Etc....So they Can Learn How They Do Things Over There When It Comes To This Type Of Weather Relate Issues. Such Is This Pass Week And 5 Years Ago With The Floods.

We need to vote in some Republicans to straighten out this mess. The Democrats has ruled this city for years and look at the result

I so totally agree. El Paso needs to prepare for all that it thinks it's not in store for. It starts with education and proper planning. Oh yeah, I forgot..opening up Trans mountain is more important...
Start preparing el paso for all weather needs, disaster preparedness NOW!

Water restrictions on Super Bowl Sunday, Really? Like thats going to happen. There asking the people to go without showering and washing their clothes, while every establishment in the city will be open. They will be servering their customers beverages/food that require washing and in the end more toliet flushing than most of our families do in a year.
EPWU-Wake up and see where the waters really going today!

Well, El Paso, you've been tested twice, the flooding, now the freeze, what are you waiting for? Total catastrophe. Get your act together; we're taxed highly, charged high utility fees, and where is the money going. People of El Paso expect and rely on your services.I bet the utility company officers and employees aren't heeding to their advice on conserving water and energy; someone should be checking up on them. Only in El Paso! Time to pack, huh?

Number One: IMMEDIATELY get rid of whomever is running the show and replace them with someone with working knowledge of HOW to get this fixed. Number Two: Recall all elected officials of city and county government who have the responsibility of oversight. Have a special election to fill the vacancies. This situation is inexcusable....This is a third or fourth worldk situation. Storm city hall and make the lazy incompetents answer or get out of town. God forbid a really serious calamity.

ok so now that most people know el paso was not prepared, are we getting prepared for the super hot summer coming up last year was horrible, this year will be worse if your air breaks down have you saved money to fix or will you go all summer without a cooler. hum time to think and save for the summer 3 months before temps go up, live cool, stay cool, be cool GOD BLESS EVERY ONE with wisdom to prepare for emergencies!!!!!!!!!!

Welcome to the Third World.....not much different from poor countries around the world.

Once again private citizens are being asked to do without, while businesses continue on like nothing is wrong. We are being asked to conserve on water, but car washes were packed yesterday! Why werent they shut down? We had to deal with rolling blackouts, but the star on the mountain was lit!! Just another way to the utility companies to gouge the customer!!

Unfortunately, the utilities will use this event as justification for increased rates, and come hat in hand to the Utility Commissions saying "We need more money to address these problems". Everyone needs to hold them to account and ask "Where did the additional money you received go?" God help them if they say they had to pay bonuses for all the good work their people have done.

The breakdown of essential services: water, electric, natural gas borders on the criminal. It doesn't require a meteorologist for these utilities to know that it gets cold every year. Yes, we have mild winters most of the time. Key word most, which implies not every year will be mild. I thought all the rate increases were sold partly on the necessity to upgrade and improve infrastructure. If this is the result of the rate increases, I want a refund.

Is this just another way to get more money from the consumvers????

How about the Malls being open. Providing customers with critical supplies. What "Makeup and shoes". They must have at least 10 5ton refrigeration units, how much power do they use! But you have our elderly sitting in their rooms with no lights.

Ed Archuleta has been in control of the PSB for far too long and needs to go. The PSB had a total failure during the 2006 floods due to their lack of maintenance and incompetence. They turned that around and used it as an excuse to impose a storm-water tax on el paso property to allegedly accomplish what they were already supposed to be doing. Wait and see what they do after this cold weather debacle. The PSB will never take their well-deserved blame and will cry for more money before its over.

How can the Electric Company have 7 of 8 generators not working during historically low temperatures? The water company has a water shortage because a few pipes are breaking? Typical El Paso incompetence. We'll always be a third world city. Fire them all.

BillBoards - ON all over El Paso, TURN Them OFF

El Paso citizens..... just show some good citizenship and do your part! Quit complaining and just do what they are asking of us so we can get this problem resolved. Why do people in El Paso complain so much? Come on how often do we get temperatures that low?

I fully agree with ssolo8 and cchavez. But I am also also very dissapointed that neither utility company was prepared for this small 2-day, 2-inch snow storm. I understand this storm was the worst in 30 years or so, but in El Paso we can see temperatures go WAY below freezing EVERY winter. The utility companies cannot make the infrastructure fail-proof, but should implement precautionary and preventive measures that keep it safe and working for us the taxpayers, not carwashes!

Welcome to the 3rd world!

To "Concernedcitzen230" and all you other Smucks complianing out there...GO HOME! go ahead and go back where you came from. I'll bet that none of you have cooperated with the Utilitiy companies either. This city has seldom experienced this kind of cold. I think they've done as well as can be expected.
Why did you come here anyway? They probably asked you to leave. Nobody likes complainers like you.

Jeopardy Million-Dollar Final Answer:

This city government and its money-sucking, inconsiderate, ill-prepared utilities are best known for lining the pockets of the few and filthy rich at the expense of its citizens.

What is El Paso, Texas?

I can tell you right now that NONE of the politicians on the El Paso Water Utility Board is going to get my vote and I WILL campaign against them. THIS IS YOUR FAULT!! What are we paying you for if not to PREVENT things like this from happening??! You are NOT doing your job, pointedly Mr. Mayor, you suck.
And yes, I too saw the car wash on Dyer and Yvette with wrap around lines. And all those stupid people worried about their cars instead of their homes.

I was doing everything right on Tuesday and Wednesday, by having a small stream of water in several of my sinks, in order to not have my pipes freeze. When I came home Wednesday night I thought my pipes were frozen, so no water. I found out on Thursday that "someone" had turned my water off at the street. Hmm, I wonder who did that? I called the water company and asked why they had turned my water off. They said they were not turning water off. Yea Right! It did not turn of by itself!

Regardless of how everyone feels about the EP Utility companies and in specific EPWU today, to not abide by the restrictions only hurts YOU the citizen. If people ignore the restrictions these issues could last all week,and could get worse! It is absurd to tantrum and disobey a restriction that is intended to expedite the correction of the issue. If you're upset bring your concerns to the proper government channels. Show the that even with poor city management,our city has intelligent citizens.

I blame the mayor, after all this is his city and he's running it into the ground. If he can't get the right prople in office that know what their doing then what's the point??????

Until EPWU shuts down ALL the car washes and laundromats around town that are making a profit while the homeowner trys to do the right thing, I'll be a lawbreaker. It's assine to "mandate" BS without making ALL participate!! We have needs for our families that are way more important than Paco's laundry making a buck.

You WILL do without showers, clean clothes and dishes when all the water is gone or they shut it off. Why not try to conserve so everyone (besides you) can have water also? Certainly the City and Utility companies have been totally incompetant and ill prepared but now, I think we have to try to cope with it and conserve at least a little. We can address the city and utilities for their lack of foresight, tomorrow.

I used to love El Paso , now I am really concerned they are not prepared for the real bad emergencies!!!Now I just feel that I need to start saving money so; my family and I start moving out of the city.Sad I wonder if we are prepared when drug cartels???

El Paso has always and will always be a LITTLE, amount to nothing border town no matter what our politicians say or want. They have the MANANA attitude about most everything except RAISING TAXES !

Seriously!?? the Car wash on Dyer and Yvette St. yesterday had a line of cars wrapping around the Building!!!! How inconsiderate and self centered can people be? the Water utilities ought to shut off their water for the duration of this mess and the City ought to fine them for blatant disregard of their fellow citizens! Just sayin. Dan Soto N.E El Paso.

Ssolo8 is Correct! We are putting the EP fire department at Risk! How can they fight fires with little to no Water! Either we are in an emerfency or we are Not! Why isn't the fire chief speaking out against this waist of Water?

..there's a story for you..

I was born in the 50's and my parents taught me by word and example to prepare for inclimate weather and storms. I learned to fill up the car with gas, store water for drinking, cooking, and light cleaning, have candles, batteries, portable radio, blankets, and non-perishable food. I do this every year - plus I fill up my tub and pots and pans with water when a storm is coming. I get teased about over-reacting, but I'm prepared! Maybe my family should learn by my example?

yes leslie people should be ashamed for not being prepared for this, we have brains in our heads but we don't think like the little ants, they work hard in summer and prepare for the winer and they don't even have a captian to lead them. i am glad we were prepared all those candles i bought and used them during black outs man they even heated my rooms and we stayed warm, we piled up firewood and extra blankets even my dogs had double sweaters on i bought them at goodwill so cheap

Mom, is that you? You're so weird.

great job
I know others wish they were like you now.

What's?? aren't our utilities prepared? what happens in a REAL emergency?

So tired of all of this. All of the utilties should have been more prepared for the winter storm. Don't they watch the news?

There are so many businesses that dont close early or should not be open at all because they dont provide a needed service to the community. I know that it is not a mandatory shut down but it should be or they should be fined. They should be asked why they arent doing their part and put them on the spot. While so many people are without water they are wasting so much washing there mashines, dishes or whatever. Any news station worth their salt would be out there putting them on the spot.

so how are people without water supposed to eat or use the bathroom? in this economy, businesses can't afford all the lost revenue from being closed, especially on super bowl sunday. it's not their fault they don't have water, and they shouldn't be punished because the water company didn't see this shortage coming days ago

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