El Paso swim class teaches infants to swim

El Paso swim class teaches infants to swim

POSTED: Wednesday, July 3, 2013 - 10:13pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, July 3, 2013 - 10:13pm

A lot of families will take advantage of Thursday's day off from work, to hit the pool. And many folks are still talking about a viral YouTube video of a sixteen month-old baby swimming alone in a pool. But kids that age are learning to swim right here in the borderland.
It was baby Cameron's first time in the water. While she's a little scared at first, she found comfort in her grandma's arms and eventually cracked a smile.

She's participating in the infant and toddler swim lessons at the YMCA pool on the Westside of El Paso. The classes teach young kids how to swim, just in time for the summer pool parties and in case your child falls in the pool unsupervised.

"The earlier the better. Safety is of the utmost importance and especially if you have a pool at home," said cautious mother Lupita Garcia as she watched her kids in the pool.

Plenty of parents were watching their children learn.

"That's one of the worst nightmares a parent can go through. That's the reason I put my daughter in swimming classes, that way she can learn to swim," said mother Amanda Barriga.

YMCA Westside instructor Anthony Arriola said it's important to get children acquainted with water.

"Its important the child feels comfortable in the water. They're not afraid of the water. Some parents have this fear, this stigma of water and their infants being exposed to it," said Arriola.

The instructor and parents reacted to the viral YouTube video of the sixteen-month old baby swimming without an adult in the pool with her.

"That baby had great technique. I also heard in the background that there was an adult presence," said Arriola.

Garcia said while the baby was clearly capable of swimming alone, she wouldn't be able to be as trusting.

"Obviously they practiced a lot and he probably feels confident in what the baby can do. But if it were my scenario I would've been in the pool there," said Garcia.

Barriga said it seemed like the father was close enough in case of an emergency.

"If she knows how to swim, he was still out there so if anything were to happen to her. You know he could get in there with her," said Barriga. “If he feels he can trust her, I feel that's a good thing."

Arriola said no matter how skilled children are at swimming, supervision is always a must.

"Let your children have fun in the water but also you're there to supervise just to make sure that if there is an emergency, you can quickly react," said Arriola.

For a schedule of swim lessons at every El Paso's YMCA go here

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