El Paso Surgeon Heads To Haiti


POSTED: Monday, March 8, 2010 - 7:24am

UPDATED: Monday, March 8, 2010 - 8:58pm

EL PASO--- Going over every last detail, Dr. John Taylor, an El Paso surgeon, is now on his way to the island of Haiti.

"I couldn't have been more excited about doing this. I had a lot of support, so mentally I'm really psyched about it," said Taylor.

Taylor says the mission for doctors and surgeons has changed in the country.

"Initially they had a lot of trauma, amputations, crush injuries. Probably now at this stage we'll have to perform some amputations but it's going to be a lot of wound care, people trying to recover from those injuries, and they may not heal as fast as normal," he said.

That's because the rainy season is fast approaching.
Relief workers say typhoid and malaria are already infecting families, and medicine is running out.
"It's going to be a major culture shock. Right now it's supposed to be the rainy season down there, so I'm ready to get pretty wet, soaked. I've got my mosquito netting, I think I'm prepared for it, but we'll see, I'm sure," he said.

Early rains have already turned some camps into quagmires, increasing the chances of children and parents getting diseases.
But Taylor says he's ready to tackle whatever he encounters.

"I'm expecting to do, working 7 to 7. They said it's going to be a lot of long hours. We'll probably be in surgery most of the day, taking care of whatever comes in," he said.

No word on when Taylor will return to the Borderland.

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Way to go Dr. Taylor! Follow your heart, and God will lead you in the right path. Thank you for taking a stand for something you believe in. What an awesome opportunity to find yourself in a postion to help others and make a difference! We are so proud of you! Get home safe. :)
Silvia and Mckenna Harris

I have had the privilege to be a student of Dr.Taylor's.He is a outstanding doctor who inspired me to never give up, and pursue my dreams.I have never seen so much love and caring for a human being and his job like this man. So in saying this,I would like to let him and his family know that my family and I will keep him in our prayers and hope for a safe and healthy return home!In a ocean of sharks there is always one person that stands out and that is you Dr.Taylor!Take Care!

-Lorianne Pena

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