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El Paso soccer fans out in full force to support Team USA


POSTED: Sunday, June 22, 2014 - 10:17pm

UPDATED: Monday, June 23, 2014 - 2:12am

World Cup fever has taken over El Paso.

Even after a tough game that ended in a tie, fans are still proud to support the red, white and blue.

There was one hot--spot in west El Paso for Team USA fans.

You would not believe the energy coming from the hundreds of fans packed into the bar, it was like actually being inside the stadium watching it in person.

Fans celebrated when the team scored the goal to bring them ahead of Portugal 2-1.

"It's phenomenal! It's phenomenal to see so many likeminded soccer fans at the Corner Tavern and Grill! It is awesome," said Gregg Bush.

The local chapter of the team's fan club -- The American Outlaws -- is based out of Corner Tavern.

During the last World Cup, the group decided it would be a good idea together at a local bar to support Team USA.

"It started out with family members and close friends and now it has grown to people that we don't even know and people we have grown to know. It's a beautiful thing. It's mind blowing," said Adam Baray, vice president of the chapter.

The Corner Tavern reached capacity well before the start of the match.

"It's insane, you wouldn't think El Paso has this type of spirit, especially for the US Team,” said Daniel Deleon. “But this is crazy. This is how it gets every single time.

The crowd kept the energy high energy for almost the entire match, until Portugal was able to make the last goal the brought the game to a tie.

For diehard fans like Joseph Parker, being so close to victory and having it ripped away in the blink of an eye was hard to watch.

"A game like that, a heart breaking goal right at the last minute, it just takes you back. It knocks you back a bit," said Parker.

Even though the USA didn't get a win this time, their World Cup journey isn't over yet.

Fans are already looking forward to their match Thursday against Germany.

"We still have one more game,” said Parker. “We have a very good opportunity to advance here."

Until then, soccer fans in El Paso will just have to regroup and give their full support again.

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