El Paso running community reacts to Boston Marathon explosions

El Paso running community reacts to Boston Marathon explosions

POSTED: Monday, April 15, 2013 - 10:02pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, April 17, 2013 - 9:34am

After the explosions at the Boston Marathon Monday afternoon family and friends scrambled to track down those they knew including 16 El Paso runners making sure they were doing well.

The 16 runners are part of a running club called Run El Paso and were all accounted for and safe.

"We thought at first it was like a cannon going off but that didn't make sense cause you don't do that at the end maybe at the start," said Jim Weddell, who ran in the marathon.

Weddell was with a group of about 10 runners having some food a couple of blocks away when they heard the bombs explode.

The group says they didn't immediately see smoke but they knew something was wrong.

"They closed the streets pretty quickly," Weddell said. "We saw police going by, a lot of ambulances and police and fire trucks."

After the explosions the group worked on tracking down those they knew.

Weddell said family and friends who were watching the race we're all accounted for and safe.

In El Paso, Mike Coulter of the El Paso Marathon was trying to do the same.

"Thank god in this day and age we have a lot of resources available to us to get information to us quickly," Coulter said.

Weddell tweeted updates saying the last member of the group was ok and so was everybody else.

Coulter said running in the boston marathon is a dream for many runners and should be a celebrated accomplishment.

He said after running 26.2 miles there's an overwhelming sense of accomplishment and safety concerns are last thing runners worry about.

"The last thing you're thinking about is your safety and whether or not you need to worry about your safety and you're in that mode of celebration and something like this happens," Coutler said.

Coulter added he's confident the running community will come together and support each other in this time of need.

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We assume this was a terror attack aimed at US. Might be aimed at participants from another country.as runners come from other nations. Would be surprised if any group trained by Hamas or Al Quada did this. As horrible as it is, it was not particularly sofisticated. IED's are not complex devices and are not new. I suspect new group but who ever they need to be put away for this.

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