El Paso Reports Low Voter Turnout


POSTED: Tuesday, November 8, 2011 - 6:39pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, November 9, 2011 - 11:59am

EL PASO- A statewide election is taking place in Texas tonight, but very few El Pasoans are exercising their right to vote. The county says there's been a low voter turnout all day, and that's despite heavy items on the ballot such as amendments to our state constitution.

Javier Chacon with the El Paso County Elections Department says they won't have Tuesday’s totals until Tuesday evening.

They do know that only about 3,300 people took part in early voting, which is only about 1 percent of eligible voters in El Paso County.

Elections Administrator Javier Chacon says he's not surprised voter turnout is so low.

"We usually have this type of turnouts so to me, you know it's like an average constitutional amendment election that we average this type of percentages,” said Chacon.

Chacon says the election is important, and he hopes people take it seriously.

"These are amendments that will affect not only El Paso County, but the whole state of Texas. Of course some will affect other counties more than other counties,” said Chacon.

Low voter turnout Chacon says that it's not just a problem here in the Sun City.

Chacon is hopeful the final voter turnout numbers will increase as more people tend to vote in the evening hours.

"Everybody waits until the last minute. In other words, defiantly we see an increase in people going to the poll like right after work, or just before right after work,” said Chacon.

Check back to KTSM.com to find out the results from area elections as they are available.

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Low voter turnout has been an ongoing problem in El Paso for years and the cost to run these elections is exhorbitant. It is time to consolidate our voting precints. We all have to learn to cut back somewhere. SAW

I went to my usual place to vote and found no one. So I didn't get to vote. I guess they moved it.

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