El Paso Protesters Ask Deputies to Arrest Them


POSTED: Wednesday, May 5, 2010 - 9:51pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, May 18, 2010 - 11:25pm

El Paso - It was quite a scene outside the El Paso County Courthouse Wednesday afternoon. Dozens of people lined up along the sidewalk, wearing handcuffs and showing off signs that said things like "I'm proud to be a Hispanic" and "You shouldn't judge by appearances." The group was protesting Arizona's controversial immigration law which will allow local law enforcement to ask for someone's papers if they suspect they're in the country illegally.But this protest was just beginning.

Next the group of about 30 walked down the block to the El Paso County Detention Center. "We're here to turn ourselves in to show El Paso what would happen if a law like that would happen in Texas," said protester Zelene Pineda. Inside, the protesters were met by El Paso County Sheriff's Office Spokesman Jesse Tovar. One by one they asked to be arrested. "I am Hispanic and proud. And the law 1070 says that if you're my color you're a criminal. That's why I've come to turn myself in," said one. Another said, "because of the color of my skin that gives them the right to arrest me so I'm here to get arrested."

In response Tovar calmly said , "we can't allow you to pass. It is not a crime to be Hispanic. We're not in support of that law we and we don't racial profile. After about 10 minutes the group left and not one arrest was made. That was somewhat of a relief to the demonstrators who felt they got their message across. "I think it went great, it was a good demonstration."

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A state does not have the constitutional right to protect it's own international border. That is the job of the federal government. The state law in question is unconstitutional and will never be enforced. The state of Arizona just wants the federal government to do it's job and secure the border. That's it people, so calm down.

I wonder if the economy was booming would we even be talking about this?????

for all you so called Hispanics that are against it wait and see when you are stereotyped that's how it started in Germany with he Jewish people and we call ourselves a Cristian society. God Bless all of you Americans we are United States Citizens Morons we live in the continent of America so that technically makes Mexicans Americans to LOL

you are absolutely right, they are Mexican Americans... not United States Americans. The borders are there for a reason... to distinguish the countries. I'm sure we will welcome them whole-heartedly if they come the correct way. It may be costly, but apparently some others thought it was worth it.

"makes Mexicans Americans to LOL". Please dont call anyone a moron when you dont even know when to use too or to. The word your looking for there is TOO. Thanks come again

Don't be haters and for all of you that don't think will affected by this stupid law wait and see. It will stereotype people and what if I don't like it go back were i came from wait i am from here. Here is a scenario let's send all illegal immigrants back start paying much more for a lot of things that are cheap. Don't believe it research it and what about all the taxes the illegal immigrants pay yes everytime they buy something and many of them don't claim their refunds for fear of being fo

another act to make the people of EL Paso look stupid.

The media has been focusing on hispanics that are against immigration law. I am hispanic and I am in complete agreement with the passing of the Arizona immigration bill. If you are a law abidding citizen, you have nothing to fear. If you are legally contributing to our economy, then you are welcome here. If you want rights in this country, then become a legal citizen.If you don't like our laws, go back home and protest about the issues that bring you here in the first place.

I am sick and tired of the media and polititians errorneously reporting the immigration law in Arizona. Read my lips, it states that the police can ask for proof of citizenship only if one is stopped for breaking another law. If one is stopped without any infraction occuring first, then the police are open for suit. Don't break the law and you have nothing to worry about. The "lame stream media" and polititians are using it for their own political benefit. Wake up people, read the law and r

If there is a insurance check point on the street we all have to pull over and hand over legal documents and prove that we have insurance and a drivers license. We dont like it but it is the law and we have to comply. We may not like it but we do it and if you dont have them you are breaking the law and are fined. If you are in the USA with out the legal right to be here and you dont have the documents you are fined and your are breaking the law! Why is this so hard to understand?!

It's called a constitution. Read it sometime and understand civil liberties.

To all against: You do realize this whole immigration thing isn't racial its about protecting our borders just like any other country, even mexico has harsh illegal-immigrant laws. Also they pose an economic issue as well. It saddens me that someone who is not legally part of U.S. has a say so of what laws can and cannot be passed.

Do i get the same rights in Mexico, Germany, France? I dont think so.

Become legal and i'll stand next to you offering you my pen to cast your votes ^_^

I wonder how many of these folks are protesting all the violence happening in Juarez.

Look people, the tone of the comments on this particular story has gotten really ugly. It is perfectly fine to have a difference of opinion, but lately the comments have been full of personal attacks and name-calling. This must stop. I will not approve any more comments that contain personal attacks, and if things don't improve, I'll lock the comments on this story. Be civil or don't comment.

David Randall

To everyone that is protesting and that is aginst the law. The federal govenmet agencies such as border patrol and customes and ice work their buts off. They work more than 10hrs everyday to try and protect us from drug runners and border hoppers. Americans are having trouble feeding their families and keeping their home. But what the hell lets give all that to a person that comes over illegaly. I have 3 kids and we are all hispanic and if anyone wants to see our ids i have no prob with that.

Go to Europe you must carry a passport, crossthe border illegally in North Korea andgo to jail, cross the border in CHina and get shot. But if you crossthe border in the U.S. Illegally you get a drivers license, welfare benefits, and a job. All you people that are protesting really need to read the law before you protest. The law is there to attempt to stop the illegal flow across the border. And what about all the folks that crossed the border legally? Do you care at all?

I could not believe what I saw this morning on the news! It is one thing to protest, but another to drag the Sheriff's office into the mess. Why would they arrest them - #1 it's not the law and #2 it's not happening here in El Paso - hello idiots! Thanks for making El Paso look stupid! Before you inconvenience any more officials, please read the actual law!

Those people were only creatively voicing their opinion. You're voicing your opinion now. So I guess this makes you stupid and an idiot too!! Wake up and smell the caucus, racism is alive and kicking everywhere in the US and in El Paso too!! Whatever the issue, racism is alive. That's reality!! That we need to address it and change it, you're not helping at all. By the way, El Paso does not look stupid, people do!! America is a free country protected by the first amendment! RESPECT IT!!!

You're right. Racism is alive and well. I have been called racial slurs, had my property vandalized and have people refuse to serve me in stores. Guess what? I'm a white El Pasoan. Until you acknowledge that this is an issue for everyone, regardless of race or ethnicity, this problem will never get better.

They went to the wrong agency. They should've gone to the U.S. Border Patrol. They would've hooked them up. ;)

By your name, seems to me your Mexican!! Maybe the US Border Patrol needs to check you out too!! How do we know you are legally here. I know people of illegal presence who are very knowledgeable of the English language. Maybe you need to go to the nearest Border Patrol Station so they can check your U.S. ID!! If you have one, you can stay, if not YOU NEED TO GET THE HELL OUT OF OUR COUNTRY, PRONTO!!!

Ha ha ha Earth to "I Am An American" U.S.B.P. can check me out any time they want, I've got nothing to hide. Yes I am Hispanic but I was born here. My parents worked hard to naturalized and are proud to be U.S. Citizens. I'm just upset because these people don't realize how hard my parents worked to learn English and become US Citizens. Illegals should not take the easy way out, that'll be a slap on the face to anyone who has worked hard to earn their citizenship or those who follow the law.

Haha nice but you do understand the humor will be lost on most.

Nah they wouldve just turned the other way as per their protocol.

They risk their lives to protect you and your family and this is the way you thank them!! Remember, they are legal US citizens just like you. Aren't you here to tal about illegals too! What have you done to benefit this country other than pay taxes. Many illegals pay taxes like you with the difference that since they are illegally here they can't get their taxes back like you!! DO SOMETHING POSITIVE FOR THIS COUNTRY OR AT LEAST PRAY THAT WE SURVIVE YOUR WORST NIGHTMARES !!!

No im not here to "tal" about illegals. Yes illegal immigrants pay taxes. Ok I shall pray that we survive the ignorance of those that govern our state and local governments.

So, now we know that some El Paso residents are just as stupid as the county and city councils. First-of-all, it's not "racial profiling" if 99% of the 12 million plus illegal aliens are Mexicans -- it's reality. Secondly, you'll only be stopped if you are doing something illegal or suspicious. Thirdly, you'll only be arrested if you don't have proper identification. This all sounds perfectly reasonable to me.

Salomon, since you are so wise...where do you get your percentages?? Has God talked to you lately and given YOU the knowledge to understand the consequences of this law?? Did God enlighten you to understand exactly what is going on in the minds of your false prophets the Republicans?? Are your false prophets keeping you busy with this fear so that you can't see they're raping this country?? Did you know that most of your legal false prophets are TRAITORS!! ARE YOU A TRAITOR TOO!!

First of all dont refer to el pasoans as stupid when you make statements like 99& of illegal immigrants are mexicans, your just shining a spotlight on your own ignorance. There are large populations of illegal immigrants from china, eastern europe, Ireland, to name a few. They may not be located in this part of the country but they are IN the country.

Thanks for stating facts....

Why the hell would el pasoans be pulling this stunt nevermind that their statements show how utterly ignorant they are about the law but now they cant even master simple geography. You live in TEXAS not ARIZONA. Furthermore you live in El Paso Texas which for all intents and purposes is now essentially the northern most city in mexico! At least thats what all the license plates on el paso streets tell me. ;)

If the people doing these little stunts only took the time to read the law they would understand this. Oh wait nevermind they cant read english.

You think you really know the English language?? That's up for discussion...

obiviously these people haven't read the bill idiots, it has been against federal law to be in the U.S illegally. The bill states clearly racial profiling is against the law, and for once just cause your mexican doesn't mean your illegal theres other nationalities that are illegal. I just wish i could have gone to the court house to tell you all how stupid and un-informed you all are. You can barely speak english and your griping about laws in a total different state.

Good, you have partial intelligence!! Their is Federal law on illegal presence. So what gives Arizona, a state, to make it's own federal laws?? There is one in place already. Oh!! I forgot, they call it a state law, since Arizona is so stupid and does not recognize the Federal law. Seems to me Arizona is trying to start another civil war!! ISN'T THIS TREASON ??? And by the way, how many languages do you speak fluently???

Well put.

What a circus!!! I would like to know who is specifically behind this, manipulating these sheep to look like fools. Whoever it is, must be celebrating right now.

Obviously the jackass can't see his tail!! So what are you doing here. Isn't it the same thing those people did. Voicing an opinion!! Pros or cons, all are opinions, and yours is not the only one. Just like any law, it has its pros and its cons!! Do something useful and positive for this country. It's people like you who have created all the hatred most of the world has on us!! If you don't have anything good to say, DON'T SAY IT AT ALL!!!

What a bunch of Yahoos!! They deserve to be arrested and deported. They think the demonstration got their message across, the only message sent out was how ignorant they are by racially profiling themselves..."I came to turn myself in because of the color of my skin I'm to be arrested..." The law does not state color of skin or hispanic. Duh! Where did they get so many handcuffs? The spokeperson for the Sheriffs' Dept what a weinie, "we don't agree with the law", so they agree w/lawbreakers?

What do you think this law is all about?? Illegals ?? Come on, I thought you were more intelligent. Guest not, Republicans are just trying to divide our nation with this issue. Have you thought of what their hidden agenda is really all about? This illegal alien issue has been around for decades and now you're listening to them. Republicans eat out of your fears!! The bogeyman??!! If we have enemies that want to do us harm, it's thanks to the Republican and the wrongs they have done to the world!

I was embarrassed and ashamed to see those idiots on TV. Its really easy to protest and put on a show when you know you will not be arrested. Typical back wards El Paso. If you want protest, go to Arizona and do it when the law goes into effect. Don't waist law enforcement's time here and make a total fool of yourselves and your city. The county commissioners and city council are more than capable of making El Paso the laughing stock that it is without your help.

We are ashame of educated derelicts like you. Lots of intelligence but have no wisdom. It takes intelligence to read the law, but it takes wisdom to understand it!! Thinking about it, you have none!! What have you done positively for this city or country?? What you contributed for the advancement of our country?? At least law enforcement put their lives to protect this city and country,BUT YOU??

From my count about 90% of El Pasoans get it. They read the law and know what it says. Its the 10% that insist on relying on the media to dictate what they believe in. Viva! El Paso! And to those that will not rely on someone else to tell them what to believe. Hispanic or not, you have to rely on your own intellect to tell you what is for real and what is not. Thanks for not relying on emotion and seeking out the truth and the facts.I love this town.

Whats really sad is that a lot of the people responding negatively about sb1070 are probably well meaning people who may or may not have graduated from H.S. and are Americans who would be better off just to shut their mouth untill they have somehting intelligent to say. The Bill is about protecting our borders not an epidemic that was just discovered and we are in a panic. Stop and think before you speak or go and try to get your self arrested like the dummies that were laughed at by the poli

Jose, did you finish HS? Are you an American? Where did you receive your law degree?? Since you are so Knowledgeable of SB1070, I was just wondering. Next, this Bill does not protect the borders. Mr. Intelligent, this is a state bill and Border Parol is not under state jurisdiction!! There is federal law already in existence about illegal presence. That protects our borders!! I think you'd be better off if you shut your mouth. NOW YOU KNOW WHO IS THE DUMMY, UH?? YOU!!!

El Paso law enforcement officers should arrest them and send them up here to Phoenix. Sheriff Arpaio has plenty of room in his tents and has plenty of pink underware to dress them up. Hope they like balogna sandwishes. Hmmmmm! Gooood!

Talking about criminals. Isn't your Sheriff Arpaio under investigation by the state and the federal government. Don't put criminals as your examples. Seems most everyone that comments here negatively are just racists. Remember, if it takes the Supreme Court to interpret the law, what make all of you imbecils so knowledgeaable about the law. All of you have degrees on law to be able to perceive the consequences of this law?? All of you are weak!! What good have you done for this country ???

"Hispanic" is not a color or a race. Spaniards are white. Many Hispanics are black, red, yellow, white, or brown. These people sound so ignorant...there is no "Hispanic color."

MR KNOW IT ALL, could you please read your comment to yourself. Seems to me you are a totally confused or an ignorant individual. First you state "Hispanic" is not a color, than you define hispanics as the rainbow!! Hispanics been used to denote the culture and people of countries formerly ruled by Spain. So hispanics have no color but spaniards do?? VERY INTELLIGENT OF YOUR PART !!!

This is Jose the people that protested today should of Been arrested for being stupid the has nothing to do with color if ur a wet back then u should be arrested breaking the law there here with no papers weather ur bllack white yellow red if u have no papers then ur a wet back and stop breaking the law

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