El Paso Police will have increased DWI patrol during Spring Break

El Paso Police will have increased DWI patrol during Spring Break
Friday, March 7, 2014 - 7:39pm

Spring breakers who will be staying in El Paso during Spring Break can expect to see extra law enforcement.  The El Paso Police Department will have extra DWI officers out on the roads to stop drunk drivers. 

"If you choose to go out and drink and drive, we are going to be out there looking for you and again, once you are located and it's determined you are intoxicated you will be placed under arrest," said Detective Michael Baranyay, El Paso Police Department Spokesperson.

An anti-DWI video, released in conjunction with MADD, the City of El Paso, and other law enforcement agencies, focuses on the death of Aaron Carrillo who was killed by a drunk driver in El Paso in 2011.

In the video, Aaron's parents urge the public to not drink and drive.  To see the video, click here

Coby Michell is part of a fraternity at UTEP, and said his fraternity will be throwing parties during spring break, but they are prepared to make sure party guests don't drink and drive. 

"I actually have my guest room set up, and I have couches all over my house, and if everyone is too drunk to drive, I make them stay at my house, or I make sure that they have someone that is sober enough to driven them home," said Michell.

He said they will also take extra measures to identify partygoers who are underage to prevent them from drinking.

Detective Baranyay said El Paso police officers will be looking for underage drinking parties, as well as underage drinkers who choose to drive.

"We do anticipate seeing more younger drivers out on the road, which obviously increases the likelihood of having minor detectables out on the roadway, meaning a minor that may have consumed some alcoholic beverages at a get together or at a party, and of course those are going to be investigated and those people will be taken into custody and placed under arrest as well," said Baranyay.


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