El Paso Police Lieutenant Placed On Administrative Leave

El Paso Police Lieutenant Placed On Administrative Leave

POSTED: Thursday, October 27, 2011 - 9:48pm

UPDATED: Friday, October 28, 2011 - 12:55pm

EL PASO, Texas -- Another El Paso police officer has been placed on leave after an audit of overtime.

Lt. Alfred Lowe, 31 year veteran of the police force was placed on administrative leave Monday.

The El Paso Police Department said Lowe ran the Crimes Against Persons Unit and was investigated after the department received two grants for gang enforcement.

This isn't the first time an El Paso Police officer has been placed on administrative leave after an audit.

In September, eight police officers resigned after overtime abuse allegations.

Because of so many cases the El Paso City Manager Joyce Wilson and Police Chief Greg Allen said they have created ways to prevent this from happening again.

They will have an auditor work with the Police department to review all grant operations and put internal controls in place.

They will also create a position to oversee all grant operations and it will be a non-sworn professional position.

Wilson and Allen said they take the matter very seriously and will take action to the fullest extent of the law.

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CONTINUED-the slash and burn tactic of ridding themselves of "bad apples". The truth is that they will do anything to protect the grant funded RACKETS where they unfairly target the citizens of El Paso with unfair ticket quotas and arrest quotas. Their SMOKE and MIRROR tactics of creating scape goats will only work for so long.

"I want people to make sure they know the intervention was self-initiated because what we are trying to correct (is) what we see as a system breakdown (fixed) with policies and procedures so this doesn't happen again," so says Joyce. She along with the Mayor and Police Chief were sued earlier this week. The law suit is one that seeks to permanently take away (injunct)grant funding from the police department. What the average citizen needs to understand is that there is a reason the city is using

How come the oversight was not in place before? All of this reminds me of officials placing the horse behind the cart and letting the foxes (I would of used the other word but I won't here)run the show. To think that Police Supervisors, Detectives and now a Lt., are all involved in this makes me very disappointed in the leadership of our Police Department, the City Management structure and the city Administration (Mayor and Council).

Sadly,the real problem is Police Chief Greg Allen. Joyce Wilson has to been force to take a good look at his extensive internal affair's file, {current/past} behavior and see that his management and leadership skills have never been there to lead a police department. As an ex-officer and partner of Grey Allen, I have seen him brutally beat individuals, lie,and cover-up abuses. He beats his wife and can't speak a complete sentence without the "F"word. Time for the truth to come out!

crooked cops, yet they want to hold everyone else to a higher standard. hypocrites.

Plain greed and the mentality of being above the law. Where are the checks and who is approving the overtime cards. I guess in this case the supervisor approves his own overtime card. What a bunch of ruthless greedy officers.

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