El Paso Police Chief Greg Allen Talks About City Hall Bullets


POSTED: Thursday, July 1, 2010 - 6:19pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, July 6, 2010 - 8:57am

El Paso Police Chief Greg Allen held a press conference today regarding the bullets that struck City Hall on Tuesday evening.

He said that the bullets came from an assasination attempt in Juarez and he believes the inciedent to be a coincidence.

He also said he wants the Federal Government to step up to the plate to secure the border.

As far as this weekend's Street Fest, Chief Allen said that just like anytime you are near the border, there is reason to be concerned.

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I also want to say that I came to America with a green card, and believe me it took a lot of paper work to be accepted as an immigrant. My only gripe is not enough people from other countries are TRYING to be legal. It is so easy for them to come across, why bother and pay a lot of money to be legal???
I also want to let you know that every country that the US helped have kicked our butts back as a thank you. My wish is that the USA stop middling in every one's business and take care of us.

Oh, but how can you be so heartless? Is what you will here if you say the truth of what needs to be done because enough is enough.We have to pay for pre-k/headstart but Paco from south of the border gets it free. Not to mention we pay for our kids school lunches but paco gets goverment aid with free lunches.

We gave mexico millions of dollars to help them fight this drug war and yet their president dares to tell us how to run our country.

Time for mexico to deal with their own problems!

The border should be shut down, let mexico deal with it we have helped them out for so many years and still no advancement, all they do is criticize americans, take our jobs and financial aid, they get $400 a month for food stamps and unemployment, when americans are workin hard and struglling and only qualify for $10 of aid, financial aid for non resident students takes money from our youth as they struggle with tuition when students from juarez are sporting iphones and gucci

I am French and an American citizen now, so I say I do not believe the border can be shut for one reason, there is too many people going both ways to their jobs. The maquilas are employing a lot of people from this side of the border and of course every employee working in the hotel/motel industry are from Juarez, and are nice people. I used to managed 2 100 rooms motel and all the maids were mexican from Juarez but at that time they all had the right papers for them to be able to work here.

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