El Paso Neighbors Talk About Mystery Shooting

Friday, February 3, 2012 - 6:05pm

EL PASO - Mystery surrounds a shooting that may have left one person injured in Downtown El Paso early Friday morning. That's because the shooter hasn't been found, and neither has the victim.

We spoke with several witnesses but, for their safety, many of them did not want to be identified.

"A man jumped out and started shooting at the crowd," one witness said.

Police blocked of the streets near city hall around two Friday morning after receiving several 911 calls about a shooting.

"I heard, I want to say, between seven and nine gunshots," a woman who lives near the area said.

"You just saw somebody fall down in the crowd of people," another witness added. "Then you just heard three more gunshots as the car was taking off, and I was running inside."

Police quickly showed up, but by then, everyone was gone.

"A maroon car came by, picked up the victim, and they drove off," the woman said.

"I actually saw a gray Mercedes driving up, and my neighbor had actually told me that it was the car where shots were fired from," Charlie Sanchez said.

A Border Patrol helicopter searched the area, but found nothing from the sky. On the ground, police recovered shell casings from the street.

"I thought a window somewhere was going to bust open or the bullets were just going to ricochet off something," the woman said. "It sounded really, really close."

Neighbors say they quickly hit the floor when the shooting started, and they stayed inside out of fear.

"I told her to get down, just get down," a man said.

Everything that witnesses told us happened, matches up with what police have released about the shooting.

They're still looking for a gray or silver Mercedes and a small maroon car. So far, no victims have come forward, but as we stated above, witnesses say at least one person was shot.

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