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El Paso Named The Most Dangerous Border Town

El Paso Named The Most Dangerous Border Town

POSTED: Thursday, June 2, 2011 - 12:12pm

UPDATED: Friday, June 3, 2011 - 9:47pm

EL PASO - Juarez is once again casting a negative shadow over the Sun City.

An online blog named El Paso the most dangerous border town in America.

The author of the blog wasn't identified but said spillover from Juarez is endangering El Paso residents. The article cited the stray bullets that hit City Hall last year.

Click here to see the article.

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"And they want a moat with allegators", said Obama a few weeks ago. Someone should forward this article to the bastard. I won't because I can't stand that SOB!

The city itself isn't dangerous, it's the way people drive!

Dateline El Paso - Staff - KTSM CAUGHT USING INTERNET LIKE A PUBLIC RESTROOM! Informed, sensitive internet mavens have spotted KTSM Staff totally abandoning journalistic ethics and editorial discipline by publishing an untrue story, with no credible source, which serves to denigrate the station's home city! This new brand of nihilistic journalism has been dubbed "Journacide" by The White House spokesperson. The Enquirer chirped in with "It done gud bye us."

I think El Paso is totally safe! Seriously people, please tell me how often in the news this week did we hear about people being gunned down in El Paso, or people being kidnapped or exploited! Get over it! I think our law enforcement is doing a great job in keeping us safe!

El Paso is a lot safer than other, bigger US cities..........but it still sucks.

Im sure there has been minor spillover from Juarez, but they take their garbage across and take care of it on the Mexican side. The cartels are not multibillion dollar operations by being stupid and having shootouts and abductions on the US side, much more less with out mighty Ft Bliss troops 5 minutes away, while El Pasos finest payasos look the other way, or bury their head in the sand. This is about as dumb as saying Disneyland is a dangerous theme park, surrounded by Anaheim and its crime.

I see so many ignorant people posting here... Obviously none are El Pasoans. If you lived here or even inform yourselves on a regular basis, you would know that El Paso IS THE SAFEST CITY IN THE UNITED STATES OF all are so jealous that we hold this title. The numbers speak for themselves. Don't knock it if you haven't been here.
We have a formidable number of Border Patrol, an outstanding Police Dept, Fort Bliss, Biggs Field Air Force Base,Best Troops & outstanding citizens.

What part of town are you buying your newspaper from? There are daily/nightly shootings,stabbings,killings of all kinds going on. The only reason people say its a safe city, is because we don't have "mass" killings or murder's like other big cities. Because El Paso is mostly hispanic, we don't make the national news to often because there is no mention of racism. It's usually hispanic vs hispanic. Funny you mention our Military Base, lots of the killings and murders happen on Northeast El Paso.

KTSM is becoming a reporting circus like Entertainment Tonight and other media newsmedia that thrive on inuendos, gossip, and B.S. and report on anything for the sake of attracting viewers.

you NAILED it.
KSTM is grasping at straws.
pathetic on so many levels

WAIT! This "News Report" is citing a BLOG as its source, and the blogger is UNNAMED to boot!
And this is reported in a (formerly) credible news outlet. Holy cow, what is next?

Has anyone seen the murder rate of San Antonio or Chicago, or Los Angeles...yes they are not border cities but please...we are safe and its the plain truth. Look at the other border towns with smaller population centers and higher crime and muder rates, and we are doing great.

Reporting this ridiculous article from an online blog with no credibility from an unidentified author is just like spreading the bad information yourself. This isn't news....

Seriously? El Paso is safe. Juarez is not. It's that simple. Check the death toll in El Paso from "spillover violence." IT DOESN'T EXIST. Too many people trying to say this to push their agenda. The sad thing is, there are too many ignorant followers that believe this without question. Insane.

So are you saying the Mexican businessmen that are being threatened for opening business in El Paso by the cartels are just a bunch of whiney immigrants that want attention for their agenda? So the mysterious fires on those restaurants are the owner’s imagination? Really?

Some of you are so uneducated. El Paso is safe compared to places like Laredo and Eagle Pass, they have crime that makes El Paso look like Vatican City.Serisouly, I'm military and half our shootings and deaths are military-realted and have nothing to do with Mexico. When I fist got to El Paso/Fort Bliss I couldn't believe how calm and relatively safe it was conmpared to my hometown. Some people just like to incite fear.

"When I fist got to EL Paso". Really? EL Paso is uneducated?

This is extremely stupid...we r the same people that eat almost almost same food and listen 2 same music and same of all..this city is getting shadowed by what entire USA is or has done..


I could only laugh at amazement to hear Obuma declare EP as one of the safest cities in the southwest. Absurd.

Dude, shut up! And its OBAMA you idiot!!!! Oh yeah and you are critizing other people for their mispellings! Get a life!

Well, I'm certainly no fan of Barack Hussein Obama, but he did get this one right. Just because some ignorant blogger declares El Paso unsafe, and KTSM as usual jumps the bandwagon to generate some sensational "news", doesn't change the facts. Nadodave, look beyond your horizon every once in a while: try living in Detroit, for example, and you will see what UNSAFE really means!

With one of the biggest concentration of military troops in the nation at Ft. Bliss, I think that El Paso should be considered one of the safest cities in the U.S. border or no border!

The U.S. has nuclear weapons too, but that doesn't make the streets safer.

The Airport officials need to stop playing the voice recording of the chief of police where he states El Paso is a safe city!!!! People laugh throughout the airport when they hear his message!

it is safe. 10 murders last year. this year we're on pace for maybe 20. pretty good for a city with over 600,000 residents.

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