El Paso marching bands participate at the EPISD Invitational

El Paso marching bands participate at the EPISD Invitational
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POSTED: Saturday, October 5, 2013 - 5:42pm

UPDATED: Saturday, October 5, 2013 - 5:45pm

Twenty-seven El Paso marching bands showed off months of practice ahead of next weekend's big competition on Saturday.

The El Paso Independent School District held its annual marching band invitational, but for the second time in a row every school district was invited to participate.

This invitational gives El Paso bands the opportunity to perform in front of an audience and get feedback from judges before the university interscholastic league competition, or UIL performance which will be held next weekend.

"It’s a new experience,” said Jefferson sophomore Javier Charez. “The best ever and I really have confidence that we will be the best out there."

Bands coordinate costumes with the theme of their songs and some bands like to get very creative.

“We kind of did an out of this world theme or Orbis,” explained Guard Director of Eastlake High School Robert Gallegos. “It’s about bringing in a new world that is going to take over Earth, Earth is depleted and the costumes are more alien-esc, a shique alien.”

Bands were judged and given scores ranging from a division 1 to division 5, 5 being the lowest rank.

Today the score would only reflect on the bands performance. But next week, it will mean whether or not a marching band will advance to the next level of competition.

"Every week we improve, every week we change things,” said Eastlake High School Band Director Albert Martinez. “The show never stays the same it’s always different."

"We do look at EPISD marching contest as not as a warm up but as an actual performance that we strive to excel," said Jefferson High School Band Director David Perez.

The regional competition will be held at the Socorro Activities Complex October 12 at 11:00. Bands ranking with a Division I will be moving on to the area competition which will also be held in El Paso for the first time in nine years. Depending on the number of bands receiving a Division I in the area competition will depend on the number of bands advancing to the state competition.

"This energy was just out of this building, I mean I felt excited I think we just had that adrenaline rush,” said Jefferson High School Drum Major Esai Barrios. “We got out on that field and we just threw it out there, we didn't hold anything behind."

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