El Paso Leadership Helps Children Facing Hunger

Wednesday, September 28, 2011 - 5:39pm

It may look like there's plenty of food to go around, but the West Texas Food Bank is running low on supplies.

That's why the El Paso Leadership group is dedicated to this special project.

"Get businesses involved to call the West Texas Food Bank, set up delivery and pick-up times and help these families go into the holiday season," White said.

Volunteer Isabel White says feeding hungry children offers more than just the obvious benefits.

"It's important year round, because this helps not only the children's development, but it helps their physical and mental stability, it helps them with their education when they get to school. They're a little bit more alert they're less likely to be absent from an illness," White said.

Ruben Sanchez from the West Texas Food Bank says the need for food has risen 18% in our community since last year.

"The need has risen so much that we haven't been able to facilitate that need with loads of food being canceled by U.S.Department of Agriculture. With over 19 truck loads of food at 40,000 pounds each being canceled we're scrambling over ways to find ways to meet the need over this holiday season," Sanchez said.

"It does us no good to put nice institutions of learning where a child can learn if their basic needs aren't being met and that basic need is food," Sanchez said.

Now, El Paso Leadership and the food bank are teaming up to help children this holiday season.

"They've come together and realized that the issue of hunger is more than just in pockets of the city, it exists all around the city and they've come together to say look," Sanchez said.

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