El Paso lawmaker makes tearful apology

El Paso lawmaker makes tearful apology

POSTED: Monday, March 18, 2013 - 2:54pm

UPDATED: Thursday, March 28, 2013 - 1:56pm

An El Paso lawmaker charged with DWI made a tearful apology Monday on the floor of the House of Representatives in Austin. State Representative Naomi Gonzalez told her colleagues today that she is "deeply, deeply sorry" for her drunk driving arrest last week and that she was "grateful no one was seriously injured. The Democrat promised her colleagues that nothing like this would happen again.

Gonzalez allegedly crashed her car into another vehicle early Thursday morning in Austin. That car hit a bicyclist. Several people suffered minor injuries in the crash.

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Your morals and ethics towards the people you are suppose to be representing are nonexistant. You were very, very lucky someone didn't get killed or your life as you know it would be a living HELL! I believe we deserve nothing but the best representation for our citizens. Do the right thing and STEP DOWN!!!

I saw the picture of Gonzalez that was published in the EP Times that showed her just after she had spoken to the house of representatives about this drunk driving crash. To me she looks drunk and is most likely mad that she got caught. She is trying to make it seem like this is not her but she has yet to say whether this is the first time she drove drunk or drove after having drunk alcohol. To say that she can't comment further because of pending legal matters is a bunch of double talk.

Please resign. Let someone responsible take over, not some brat that's gonna cry every time she/he does something wrong. I personally, do not feel sorry for you. Hope my family and I never run into you next time you decide to drink and drive.

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