El Paso International Airport Prepares for Holiday Travel

Sunday, November 20, 2011 - 10:28pm

EL PASO- El Paso International Airport was quiet and calm today as officials were preparing for the start of the busiest time of year.

Whether it was to escape the crowds or to save money, many were happy to get out town early. "Mainly it's just because we got the right price for the right time you know, because it costs a lot for people going on a military budget," said James Bosch.

Alexandria Posdell, another active duty military member, is stationed in London and will be traveling with her son to Chicago. "Well the airport is completely empty so that helps out a lot, I just think it's easier, it really is. It seems like everyone is in a better mood, no one is in the hustle and bustle to get out of here."

Some parents allowed their children an early start to their holiday. Ten year-old Alyssa Duenez  and her sister were headed to Denver, Colorado to visit their grandmother. "Well as soon as we get off the plane, we're gonna I guess so ice skating and bake cookies."

As a reminder, airport officials are asking that travelers arrive at least 2 hours prior to boarding time for their flight. Starting tomorrow morning at 5:30 am, airport staff will be handing out Ziploc bags at security and crayons and activities to children.

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